10 Cutting-Edge CES Highlights That Travelers Will Love

Wanna hop in? There’s a living room inside this self-driving beast. Take a closer look at this and other astounding tech inventions on our CES highlight slideshare. Maybe we’re just getting old, but most of these blew our minds!

  1. NEW TVS–Will you start seeing these wonders in hotel rooms? 4K models, the newest generation of televisions, are said to be 10 times sharper than average. Samsung even introduced a 103 inch, bendable TV at CES 2015.
  2. SLING–Speaking of TV, how would you like to watch your favorite shows without signing up for a cable subscription service? Sling, a DISH network invention, allows users to stream major network television, including on-demand programming. We don’t even have to wait too long for this one: Dish rolls out the trial subscriptions in late January. We hope hotels catch on…
  3. MERCEDES CONCEPT CAR–Is it a living room or a car? This sleek, self-driving car, called the F 015, powers up with hydrogen fuel. Let the car drive while you entertain. We anticipate this will become the on-the-go meeting space of the future.
  4. NEW SMART PHONE–The Yota 2 phone has a double-sided screen for ultimate multitasking and an interface comparable to an up- dated Kindle. This beauty’s back display can even stay on without battery power. You can network with one side of the phone and sort through meeting schedules with the other–a perfect asset for a busy corporate traveler.
  5. PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION DEVICE–Segways are a thing of the past. Welcome the Gogoro. This battery-powered scooter can take you from 0 to 50 in just over 4 seconds. The Gogoro and similar devices score high for short, sustainable commutes. The scooter, if you will, works perfectly for a quick trek from a downtown hotel to a convention center a few blocks away.
  6. SMART WATCHES–Make your timepiece go to work for you! Hyundai showed off a smartwatch that helped control driving functions. The GoBe monitors your calorie consumption, activity/stress levels, blood pressure and more. HereO debuted as the kid-friendly smart watch that tracks location and lets kids send out panic alerts.
  7. HOME REMOTE CONTROLS–Did you leave that garage door wide open? Just press a button. Forgot to turn the heat down before you left? Ditto. This device, called a NEEO, looks a lot like a TV remote. Tote it along to your next business trip, and avoid the “did I forget to do that?” self-deprecation.
  8. TRANSLATE FOREIGN TEXT–Remember Babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? An animal that performs instant translations? Here it is. Word Lens translation app instantly translates foreign text on your mobile devices. For free.
  9. VIRTUAL REALITY–Put on this mask and see a whole new world. (cue music) Samsung’s Gear VR already arrived. What does this mean for travel? Two words: Virtual vacations. Yep.
  10. SELFIE STICKS AND NIXIE—Ah, the selfie stick. This ubiquitous, low-tech accessory proved to be a popular, accessibly-priced choice at CES. The device allows for photos with wider panoramas that might look-at least a little bit-less like a photo you took yourself. The Nixie, a drone disguised as a bracelet, took the concept to a greater dimension. It’s easy: Just toss the Nixie up into the air, and she finds your location, snaps a photo, and returns like a boomerang. Your travel selfies and braggies just got techier.
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