10 MORE Quick and Dirty April Fools’ Day Pranks for the Office

We have to admit, last year’s April Fools’ Day blog was a big hit. When we find a topic that resonates with our readers (apparently, they’re very mischievous people!), we like to keep talking about it. Just like our 2015 version, we tried to keep these April Fools’ Day pranks as funny as possible without crossing the line into totally unprofessional.

If you like this blog, make sure to share it with your friends; just don’t specify your favorite prank on the list. After all, you never want to give away your awesome prank idea. Scheme on!

In the breakroom:
1. Cake Pop Debacle–Whoo hoo! Someone brought cake pops to the office, and now they’re everyone’s best friend. Just wait until they bite into them and uncover one of their least favorite vegetables. You can use either radishes or uncooked Brussels sprouts.

2. Do-nots–Speaking of cakes that are sure to make you Employee of the Month, buy a box of donuts for the big day tomorrow. Except: Get one of those puff pastry tubes, fill it with mayo, pinch your nose, and start squeezing. Make sure you hide the evidence and throw out the “cream” filling!

3. Do-nots, Part 2–Bring in a closed Krispy Kreme box. Set it in the cafe. When your coworkers open it, they’ll be greeted with a veggie tray. You can even leave an HR-approved wise crack about the company’s wellness initiatives.

4. Oreo Wars–Fill a box of Oreos with white toothpaste and send a company email letting everyone know there’s Oreos in the breakroom. Mint chocolate chip?

The daily grind:
5. Typo Trauma–Got a writer or editor in the office (please don’t prank me!)? Shake up their world by playing around with their Microsoft Word or Google Doc preferences. It’s easy: Just pull up “Find and Replace” under the edit tab. Then start setting up words to autocorrect.

6. Door Uproar–Install an air horn on the wall protector behind doors, and everyone will regret inviting you to that long lunch meeting.

7. Stay Put Stanley–Have coworkers that freak out using company bathrooms for private matters? This one’s for them! Stuff the legs of old pants and attach shoes to the bottom. Dangle them from the toilet seat and shut the stall door. Everyone will be trying to guess, by the shoes, who the heck has been taking so long in the bathroom; he’d better get that checked out.

8. Caffeine Crisis–Change out all the coffee in the coffee makers to decaf, and sit back and watch the struggle.   

9. CTRL + ALT + down arrow–Guaranteed to turn the morning people’s smiles and spreadsheets upside down! To make it right later, all you need to do is press CTRL + ALT + up arrow and hope they forgive you.

10. Don’t Do Anything!–But leave hints that you will. The anticipation will make them tiptoe around the office all day, dreading your next move.

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