10 Quick and Dirty April Fools’ Day Pranks for the Office

As you know, April 1st is April Fools’ Day. However, what you probably haven’t heard is that April 1st also marks National Have Fun at Work Day. Whether your company likes it or not, many employees plan to pull some (harmless) pranks on their coworkers this year. Shhhh! Don’t tell your HR department, but we have a few fun ideas to get your mischievous mind running! 

  1. Marshmallow Hell–Moisten some marshmallows and paste them to a coworker’s desk. They will stick to the desk as they harden–and it’s nearly impossible to pry them off!
  2. Inflated Space–Is one of your colleagues on vacation this week? Fill their cubicle with balloons.
  3. Devious Desktops–Take a screenshot of their desktop and set that as the desktop image. Next, stuff all their files and documents into a folder hidden from view. Alternate version: change their background image to a picture of their least favorite sports team, actor, etc.
  4. Smelly Surprise–Spray Liquid Barf fragrance on the telephone receivers. Listen for the “UGHHH, what is that awful smell?” complaints all day long.
  5. Smelly Surprise II–Have any of those air fresheners that automatically spray when someone walks by? Replace this with Liquid Barf fragrance. Enjoy the reactions.
  6. Eight-legged Freaks–Stick a dead spider underneath someone’s keyboard, with just a leg or two sticking out. Arachnophobes will freak.
  7. Presentation is Everything–Disguise onions as caramel apples and stick them on a plate. You’ll be the office pet until their first bite. How…sweet of you!
  8. Chair Scare–Attach an air horn to their office seat. They’re in for a huge surprise when they sit down!
  9. Pointless Pens–Paint clear nail polish on the tips of your coworker’s pens so they won’t be able to write. This takes ‘writer’s block’ to another level.
  10. H2O No! –Line the desk drawers in plastic and fill them with water. Ask your coworker to borrow some scissors or printer paper to make sure they notice their saturated surroundings.


Are you ready for the work mayhem this Wednesday? Prepare with a clever prank, and save all your PTO for real emergencies. Just remember: Keep it lighthearted! Most people have a gut instinct about who they can prank and who they can’t. Don’t ignore that–you don’t want find your office friendships spoiled on April 2nd.


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