10 Steps to Becoming a Better Hotel Guest

The hotel/guest relationship is the responsibility of both parties. Although we might blame hotel staff for any blunders in our reservation or issues with our overall experience, we have to ask ourselves if we’re behaving in the most respectful way to keep the stay as awesome as possible. If we’re not, it’s safe to say we won’t fully benefit from our hotel stay or create a positive rapport with even the friendliest hotel staff. How many of these lodging faux pas have YOU been guilty of committing?

According to recent studies, here are the most annoying hotel guest habits and 10 ways you can prevent these travel gaffes:

  1. Use your inside voice–Typically, best hotel etiquette practice asks that you turn down the volume past 10 pm. That means if you’re watching TV too loudly, you should dial down the loud noise. On the flip side, if you’re complaining that your neighbor is making a commotion before 10 pm, you should probably invest in some earbuds.
  2. Don’t cut in line at the breakfast buffet–Raiding the cereal bins can’t be THAT important. We can all get cranky in the mornings and charge for our first cup of coffee, but you also have to be mindful that you’re not the only hungry, sleepy person in the room.
  3. Show gratitude for hotel staff–Don’t just plop your stuff on front desk and tell them your name. Most of the time, the front line workers at the hotel stay very busy making reservations online. Trust us–they’re not just browsing on social media sites when you make your way to the front desk.
  4. Wait your turn for a taxi–Don’t jump into someone else’s taxi! Their meeting or appointment might be much more important than yours.
  5. Clean up after yourself–We understand why you’d want your room to feel ‘lived in’ if you’re staying long term, but don’t be a slob in areas that impact other guests.
  6. Leave us alone–If you don’t want to be bothered, take a second to put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign. These people work in hospitality, not on a psychic line–they can’t read your mind. If you don’t slip the sign on the door, housekeepers customarily clean the room–very few exceptions.
  7. Stop stealing–There’s a big difference between taking the free shampoo and taking the expensive sham. You would think that grown adult guests would know better, but recent evidence suggests exactly the opposite. According to an article in USA Today, over one-third, or 35%, of travelers have walked out of their hotel rooms with items like linens or towels.
  8. Tipping point–Just do it. Some hotel custodians get paid per room cleaned, so their livelihood depends on your gratuity. Keep that in mind before getting stingy with the tips. CNN Travel recommends tipping $1-2 per day, $3-5 for higher end accommodations.
  9. Four’s a crowd–Yes, that includes all the college kids throwing parties in hotel rooms. Standard practice dictates that if you have one king reservation, only two people should stay in that room. If you’ve booked two doubles, four is the maximum occupancy number.
  10. Lazy man’s luggage–We all come with baggage, but we should keep it inside our rooms.


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