10 Travel Trends from 2014 That You’ll Never Forget

2014 is coming to a rapid close, so it’s the perfect time to highlight the amazing developments that happened in the travel industry this year. We saw everything from African safaris to South American food tours. Which of these 2014 travel trends is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Time is ticking! Let’s begin the countdown, shall we?

10. The bike-sharing explosion–Ride sharing made the news several times this year, but have you noticed the additional bike rental stations and extra narrow lanes, too? Services like Citi Bike nearly doubled in 2014.

9. Food vacations–Travelers this year sampled local fare in faraway places. Adventurous diners praised South America, especially Peru, for excellent cuisine. Other gastronomic destinations? Scotland, Australia, and Georgia (the one in Europe!).

8. Intentional layover extensions for two trips in one–Looking forward to your next trip but also excited about what the stopover city might have to offer? Instead of grumbling about indirect flights, many 2014 travelers intentionally booked stopover reservations so that they could get to sample two destinations in one trip.

7. Bleisure travel, Business+Leisure–Traveling for business or leisure? Why not both? Did you find yourself taking loved ones on business trips in 2014? Hit up a few local attractions that were not on the itinerary? You might have been bleisure traveling, a resourceful combo that balances corporate and personal life.

6. Locals as tour guides–The sharing economy established itself as a major force in the industry this year with names like Uber and Lyft popping up everywhere. The local emerged as the new face of tour guides in 2014. The trend has a practical side, too: Who knows a region better than a native?

5. WiFi was everywhere–Free WiFi grew exponentially in 2014, and now about 65 percent of hotels feature this amenity. We also saw the trend take over for airports and flights this year, as gate-to-gate WiFi took center stage, causing more people to tote mobile devices on business trips.

4. Pop-up offices in hotels–Generation X and Y travelers may prefer non-traditional work spaces like coffee shops, and it seems as though the hotel industry is catching on. Marriot rolled out its Workspace on Demand program, while Westin introduced Tangent; other hotel chains offer microstays to rent out as temp offices.

3. Family-friendly vacations in Africa–More people vacationed in Africa this year, thanks to the recent surge in safari vacations. The leisure travel company &Beyond initiated a WILDChild program to turn a safari into a fun, educational experience for both children and their parents.

2. European river cruises–25 new cruise ships hit the European waterways last year due to a huge demand for river cruises. Kudos if you can whistle “The Blue Danube” and pronounce the Thames River correctly.

1. Hotels are putting on their Sunday best for social media–Hotels prioritized image in 2014 in hopes that guests would snap pictures to share on Instagram. The hotel scene just got a photogenic new upgrade!What’s in store for 2015? Find out HERE!

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