10 Tricks That Will Make Your Travel a Treat!

Your next adventure doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Try these simple travel tricks on your next trip.


  • FIND FREE WI-FI  • Download Wi Fi detection services like NetStumbler or iStumbler • Use your local Starbucks or McDonalds
  • WALK EVERYWHERE  • Skipping the tourist-y trollies and cabs will save a lot of cash in the long run • This part’s obvious — it’s healthy!
  • AVOID PRE-FLIGHT JUNK FOOD  • “Jet Bloat” is a real thing. It causes higher-than-normal airplane cabin pressure to expand inside the body • Super-salty snacks lead to dehydration. Which leads to drinking too much water. Which increases number of visits to the dreaded plane restroom
  • STOCK UP ON HOTEL’S HYGIENE SAMPLES  • It’s complimentary with your hotel stay • The hotel will gladly replenish them • You’ll get the good stuff — Hotels usually don’t skimp on quality for their mini shampoos and soaps
  • SLEEP/WAKE FOR DESTINATION TIME ZONE  • A few days before traveling, start sleeping and waking as though you had already arrived at your destination • This trick will seriously minimize jet lag
  • BRING A REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE  • Stay hydrated and save!
  •  If you’re stuck in the middle seat– Own your armrests …And don’t even feel bad about it
  • WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE  • Some words don’t mean what you think they mean in other countries • For example, “1st floor” means ground level in the US, but it means the floor above ground level in the UK
  • FLY INTO THE SUNRISE  • Morning flights avoid delay and huge airport crowds
  • FLY ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, OR SATURDAY  • Domestic flights might be cheaper on these days
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