16 Exciting Travel Trends to Watch in 2016

Our 2015 Travel Trends presentation turned out to be a huge hit last year, with over 115,000 views! We love nothing more than staying on top of the travel industry and sharing what we learn with you, and, of course, we wanted to hit repeat on the success of last year’s research.

We can’t foresee your family life, health, or happiness for the coming year; but we can help you out with the travel part. In 2016, with business travel growing so rapidly and all age groups getting out more, CLS predicts that how you travel will play an even greater role in your life next year. The key takeaways for 2016 travelers include more detailed tech personalization, more global business trips, and more immersive leisure travel experiences. 2016 takes showing off to epic proportions–with the launch of a mega plane that flies into space and the spawn of the largest hotel empire in the world–but she’ll also throw in a Cuban sandwich, a beehive-shaped treehouse, and a brewery yurt for fun.

See for yourself!


Want to hear our final 2016 prediction?
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