2017 Travel Trends — Authentic Experiences Within Reach

This trend is all about the concept of “try before you buy” travel. Why? Because today’s traveler has the option to experience faraway worlds right from their living rooms before they decide to buy a ticket.  This trend is taking off in multiple ways, but some of the most popular with customers include delivery boxes customized to your dream destinations and virtual reality (VR) technology devices.  

Building on the 2016 demand for immersive experiences, 2017 asks you to try those in the comfort of your own home. For example, you can order gourmet meals and snacks from as far away as Tokyo or as close as a beautiful American farm. It’s simply a matter of taste–where do you want to go?

When these subscription-based businesses started, no one expected them to sell millions of boxes within such a short time period. What’s the hype? According to Fortune, people get jaded and seek variety: “Customers are becoming more sophisticated,” says Kat Veratova of Try the World. “If they want coffee, they want it to be from Brazil, or if they want pesto, they want it to be from Italy.”

  • If you’re thinking about the South, Batch has your back. You’ll get a monthly delivery of handmade snacks, candles, or other goodies that will transport you to two charming, artsy cities — Austin and Nashville.


  • Or maybe you want to escape to France but can’t afford a Saone/Rhine river cruise. You can even choose between aperitifs and breakfast options. Try Bon Appetit to get the best of French cuisine without a plane ticket or a passport.


  •  If you’ve ever tasted farm-fresh veggies, you will know the difference between those and the less appetizing offerings at your local grocery store. Maybe you grew up on a farm, and most groceries you find in the suburbs will never replicate what you ate growing up. Farm to People will provide the freshness you’re looking for.


  •  You won’t find it hard to deduce what A Taste of Santa Fe is serving up from their renowned Santa Fe School of Cooking: You’re in for some fresh hatch chiles and original southwestern recipes. You can choose from several one-time gift baskets to suit nearly every taste — whether you prefer soups, enchiladas, jams, salsas, or hot beverages.


  •  Looking for an even more adventurous subscription for the Japanophiles and manga lovers in your life? You’ll find it with Japan Crate, where you can “Experience Japan Through Candy!” – as their tagline reads. Compared to some of the other boxes we described, this one gives you a more impressive value with about 2.5 pounds of candy, a soda drink, and a manga-zine. Get excited: Candy is not the limit of what they can send; they also market J-beauty subscriptions, noodle boxes, and even another that’s dedicated to “cute things” like stickers and stuffed animals.


  •  Enjoy a Food Trip To…anywhere…with this subscription which lets you explore one new country per month. You’ll get music to set the ambiance, meal packages, and a handpicked souvenir from the editors’ trip to the country of the month. Similarly, Try the World sends gourmet items from different countries.


  •  Virtual reality devices — 2017 saw the emergence of virtual reality devices after years of hype about them, and it seemed as though every leader in the Internet of Things market had an answer for the demand for these products. Google’s Daydream View, Samsung’s Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Sony’s Project Morpheus and Playstation VR are some of the biggest names in the industry. Tourism marketers are hoping to lure travelers who like what they see to plan a trip there, making them a smart move for tourism and tech industries alike.



We have two big holidays coming up, folks, and both of them usually mean gifts. If you want something truly quirky to send Mom and Dad (that none of the other siblings will be thoughtful enough to buy them), why not order these virtual travel experiences? Don’t be surprised when they invite you to tour these destinations in real life, maybe in the form of a memorable family adventure.


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