2017 Travel Trends in Depth — Traveler Tracking

In honor of our SlideShare, 2017 Travel Trends, we’d like to delve into the topics a little further in the next couple months instead of skimming right over them. We might not have the chance to revisit every one of the trends, especially if they’ve been previously highlighted on a different blog; but we will enjoy exploring themes that will keep surfacing this year. 

Tracking Apps

For our first feature, we’ll take a few minutes to talk about traveler tracking for safety, a travel policy tool that is rapidly increasing in popularity. Tracking, in general, can be perceived as a bit of a double-edged sword: Some travelers find it intrusive while others report enhanced feelings of security. According to a study by GBTA, most business travelers say that as long as mobile tracking were strictly for duty-of-care purposes, they would have no problem with their company keeping an eye on their mobile devices. Either way, companies considering these methods should emphasize the importance of risk management.

In more extreme environments, such as those threatened by terrorist activity, geofencing protects travelers by delineating boundaries and holding them accountable for staying within them. If they stray, the travel manager will receive an alert. Again, travel managers typically use these methods when they have a legitimate reason to distrust the work environment due to causes like political unrest or natural disaster.

Notification Apps

Now you can notify your travelers of potential dangers in just split seconds! 

SafeTrek notifies the police immediately if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Companion sends alerts to family, friends, or even police when something goes wrong; there’s even a quick-access “I feel nervous” button you can tap in an uncomfortable situation.

– If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy, the phone has a built-in Safety Assistance feature that tells your chosen contacts that you’re in danger.

-Worried about the weather? Download the AccuWeather app to get alerts for inclement weather events.

-When it comes to great directions, police sightings, and fast alerts about dangerous traffic conditions, few apps have held up to Waze’s reputation with corporate travelers and commuters.

Inrix, often built into luxury car models, uses crowd-sourced technology to offer real-time data from other travelers.

Are you using a helpful app or tool that we haven’t mentioned here? Please let us know in the comments below!

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