2017 Travel Trends in Depth — Underwater Lodging and Travel

Move over, treehouse hotels, and make way for one of the weirdest waves of leisure travel trends — underwater lodging and travel attractions. Although many of the planned underwater hotels never fully developed, architects and scientists are drawing up many elaborate floor plans that make us all hope for vacation time, a sizeable chunk of spending money, and the guts to stay 10-30 meters underseas. (Would you do it?)

Although there have been some setbacks in constructing these exquisite hotel destinations, no one has lost hope for seeing more underground hotels in the near future, especially since a couple of them already exist. According to a study sponsored by Chase and Marriott of over 1,000 frequent hotel goers, most feel confident that underwater travel will rise as a huge trend by 2030. We’ll list a few of the hotels to watch, starting with those that already host happy travelers.

  • Jules’ Undersea Lodge (existing) — If you’ve put learning how to scuba dive on your bucket list, you could catch major benefits from staying at America’s first completely underwater lodge: You will learn the ins and outs of diving and stay 21 meters below feet below the water’s surface. In fact, that’s the only way to spend the night there! So far, the marine motel has a flawless safety record, partly due to the scuba certification requirements. Famous people like Steve Tyler, Tim Allen, and Pierre Trudeau have enjoyed seeing fish right outside their window at Jules’ Lodge. Fun fact: It was named after the author Jules Verne, who wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

  • Utter Inn (existing) — In English, the name of this Swedish hotel means “Otter Inn,” and, like the otter, you will enjoy both underwater and sea-level activities during your stay here. When you first see this hotel, it looks like a tiny deck floating on top of the water, but the magic of the hotel lies below the surface. Crawl down the spiral staircase in the center of the boat, and there’s an underwater bedroom three meters below sea level. Reviewers online have praised it, saying it was the best night of sleep they ever had.

  • Ithaa (existing) — This treasure, the first undersea eatery, is buried 16 feet underwater. A proud addition to the Conrad Maldives Rangali Hotel, the restaurant has received several World Luxury Restaurant Awards in 2016 and features fine local cuisine such as reef fish tartare and lobster. And just in case you’re wondering, you can purchase an overnight stay or wedding package here. Just be ready to shell out some major $$$.

  • Planet Ocean (in progress) — The future Key Largo, FL, hotel — purported to become the first affordable luxury underwater hotel –wins the prize for most poetic description. “The aqua pod-type views will constantly astound and entertain our guests with spectacular multi-dimensional vistas of underwater features, aquatic life, and surface light through sweeping, crystal clear acrylic wall and ceiling viewing panels. The panoramic views of the surrounding environment will be in constant flux as the passing sun and moon cast ever-changing shadows and reflections on the underwater features, and aquatic life moves gracefully around them.” They’re also planning future developments in Egypt, Malaysia, Hawaii,  and the Bahamas.

  • Poseidon Undersea Resort (in progress) — Although developers have been working on the primary Fiji location for 16 years now, the 225-acre creation isn’t lodging guests quite yet. That doesn’t stop hoards of people from signing up to pre-register on their website. The resort promises a premier luxury travel experience in guest rooms that boasts 70% transparency, so you can watch fish swim by as you drift off to sleep.


While we can’t imagine this trend flirting with the business travel segment anytime soon, we want to know your thoughts. Does an overnight stay submerged in water sound appealing to you? Or just downright scary?



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