5 Packing Tips for 5+ Nights

Whether you’re packing for business travel or vacation, most of you probably don’t look forward to one of the most vital elements of travel–packing. Love it or hate it, what you put into your suitcase might determine the success of your trip! Make sure you’re packing right for your extended stay with these simple tips.

1. Since a longer trip will require quite a few clothes, roll everything vertically to display as many as you can at a time. Seeing all your luggage at once like this will allow you to weed out any color mismatches before you go so you can pack only what you need.

2. The perfect travel clothing hides stains, doesn’t require ironing, folds easily, and can be dressed up or down. If the piece in consideration doesn’t do at least three of these, we suggest you leave it at home.

3. Save space by packing rolled socks and cell phone chargers in your shoes.

4. Speaking of cell phone chargers, make sure you don’t run out of juice! Keep a multi-plug adapter with you at all times. The key word here is multi-plug. You need to be ready to charge your phone whether you’re driving a rental or settling down in your hotel room.

5. Bring only the toiletries that you can’t buy cheaply when you get there. If you do need to take some, make them space efficient. For example: Fold up a half tube of toothpaste as tightly as possible, and crush an emergency roll of toilet paper so it folds flat. And remember: Hotels provide soaps, shampoos, etc. No need to over-pack hygiene supplies

Our tips were also featured in Out Traveler. Check out  the article here!


  • Brad Link
    Posted at 14:53h, 05 June Reply

    Rolling clothes instead of folding/stacking is an idea I hadn’t though of. I wonder – would that also help prevent the need to iron clothes by not adding creases? Also, another thing to consider is bringing along a travel amount of detergent and dryer sheets. With so many hotels having laundry facilities on site, the ability to wash certain items and wear them again (or to wash out anything that gets stained) can also be a space-saver. And usually I like to try to wash clothes from a longer trip before I pack them to go home, anyway, to help keep my suitcase from smelling like dirty laundry and in case I run into any unforeseen layovers.

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