5 Ways Hotels Are Catering to the Tech Savvy Traveler

By Autumn Haile

Over the span of her 12 year career as a freelance writer and content curator, Autumn has worked in a variety of fields including telecommunications, entertainment, culinary, and literature. Through her work with companies like Universal Music Group, Lonely Planet, and Transbeam, she’s taken part in large scale social media campaigns, copywriting, and the curation of marketing content. She’s written for a variety of different mediums including NKD Magazine, Rare Country, and Word of Mouth Conversations.

If there’s one thing travelers understand, it’s how to cut down on entertainment and business costs using new technology. These days, travelers arrive at their destination with an average of three devices per person – that’s not including the accessories that come with those devices. From regular old laptops and smartphones to streaming sticks and external battery chargers, travelers arrive with more tech than they know what to do with. And even if they’re not traveling with a million different devices, chances are they’re accustomed to easy, digitized service.

Knowing that, resorts and hotels have to keep up with the growing demand these new devices and tech savvy travelers require. How do you know when you’ve found a hotel that caters to the techie in all of us? Here are a few things to look for.

Plenty of places to plug in

If you bring the average three devices with you, that’s already three plugs that will need to be used at some point during your stay. That’s not include those of us traveling with more or sharing a room with someone equally tech savvy. These days, hotels need to think about additional plugs and, more importantly, the placement of those plugs. There’s nothing quite as annoying as having to share a plug to charge your phone or move the bed to get to it. Plugs located in the desk area and several easily accessible units near the nightstand are a clear sign that the resort has thought through the needs of their guests.


Make your own smart TV

We are the Netflix generation. After a long day of sightseeing, many of us just want to head back to the hotel, order room service, and continue our binge watching just as we do back home. But, it’s only recently that hotels have started implementing the ability to plug our devices into their TVs. With travelers using small, plug-and-play devices like Google Chromecast and Roku, it’s imperative that a hotel give them the ability to cast. When you arrive in your room and find a USB port connected to the TV, you know you’ve found a resort that gets your need to escape to a fantasy world, even when you’re in one.


Where’s the WiFi?

This one is probably obvious. If you’re staying at a hotel without access to WiFi, free or paid, bringing any devices with you will be virtually useless. WiFi is standard in almost all major hotel chains these days, right down to some of the budget roadside motels and many hostels. But, it’s still not a guarantee. Chances are, if you’re tech savvy and in need of your connection, you already know what the hotel offers and that’s why you’re staying there. It’s safe to say that any hotel without some sort of WiFi access is losing out on a major source of business.


Ensuring resort wide internet security

Almost every other day we’re hearing about a new internet security breach. It’s enough to put any frequent traveler on alert when utilizing WiFi outside of their own homes. One of the top priorities in 2016 for the hospitality industry was beefing up internet security, both to ensure that those devices connecting to WiFi were safe and that their customer’s data was secure. With credit cards, addresses, and other important information swimming along in their systems, it’s an important line item for any major resort or hotel to consider.


The all-encompassing digital experience

One of the perks of technology is the ability to bypass all the waiting in line. These days, major hotels are changing the game by offering the ability to check-in and out via mobile devices. Before you even get on the plane to your destination you can check in, receive an email when your room is ready, and meander right up to a kiosk to print your hotel key. Not only does this eliminate long wait times in line just to find out our room isn’t ready, but it gives travelers the opportunity to plan their day in a more consistent manner. Even better? You can check out of your hotel on that Lyft ride to the airport, without even blinking an eye in the direction of the reception desk.

There are many ways that the hospitality industry is keeping up with the ever-evolving needs of tech-savvy travelers – free, resort-wide WiFi, mobile check-in, and plenty of opportunities to utilize our own in-room entertainment, are just a few. If you happen to stumble across a resort that offers all of the above, keep them on your list for future vacations.  

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