6 Sizzling Tips for Spring and Summer Travel

We’re finally able to step outside without getting stung by even the faintest chill in the air. For many of us, we’re emerging from hibernation and getting a healthy dose of sunlight. So it’s time to start planning our summer vacation, but proceed with caution! Even warm-weather travel has its share of pitfalls: We’ll help you recognize them so you’ll be way ahead of the game.

  1. Pack layers – Blistering hot days followed by chilly nights rue the day for those who don’t plan their clothing options carefully. If you want to avoid a bone-chilling camping trip or beach walk, never neglect to pack layers of clothes with you. Sleeveless, T-shirt, and long- sleeved options all fall into the appropriate clothing range for this weather.
  2. Watch the weather – Spring and summer storms can crop up from nowhere and wreak havoc, and most weather experts suggest that the car is the last place you want to get caught in windy, rainy atmospheres. Take a weather radio with you so you don’t get caught out at an unfortunate time. Not to scare you, but a few minutes of preparation could save your life during peak tornado and hurricane season.
  3. Take care of allergies – According to Pollen.com, almost 25% of the US suffers from the burden of an extremely high pollen count today…with numbers soaring through much of April and little reprieve. Worse, if you haven’t undergone formal allergy screenings, you probably don’t know what your triggers are in other locations and countries. Good preventative measures include washing your face or showering more frequently to eliminate allergens and taking a low-dose, non-drowsy antihistamine pill daily.
  4. Beware the peak travel times – Of course you want to save a vacation day and head to the beach on Memorial Day weekend – but so does everyone else! Plan ahead if you’re traveling during the key three-day weekends: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.
  5. Tuesday traveling – If you need to travel during an expensive rush season, pick a midweek day like Tuesday or Wednesday for the cheapest flight. In fact, Hopper, an airline savings service that analyzes the costs of flights and sends you the best options, estimates that you could save as much as 25% by flying on a Tuesday. Whatever you do, don’t fly on a Friday.
  6. Try something new – Stop hitting up the same haunts this year! Explore an emerging or vanishing destination, or take a staycation with the purpose of visiting local places you haven’t seen yet.



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