7 Food Trends You Need to Try in 2016

If you’re traveling a lot in 2016, chances are you will be eating– and probably a wider variety of food than what you get at home. Were you nibbling on avocado toast and sipping cold brew coffee back in 2015? When you read these freshest food trends, those memories might feel far, far away. Prepare to get hungry!

Which one are you most looking forward to sampling this year? Or, have you tried some of these and absolutely hated them? Let us know in the comments below!

Poke–Sorry sushi: This colorful mixture of raw fish, veggies, seasonings, sauce, and fruits will really get noticed this year. How do you pronounce this Hawaiian dish? With two syllables, like “poke-kay” (rhymes with okay).

Acai bowls–Another healthy bowl that’s difficult to pronounce (try something like “ah-saw-ee,” and you’re close enough), the acai dish makes the most of a blended fruit while practically replacing frozen yogurt’s popularity surge from the past few years.

Ube–Speaking of purple fruits, this bright, exotic yam gives everything it touches an interesting color. (Bet you can’t stop staring!) You can find it in ice cream, on donuts, or even in the form of ube chips. Pronounce it “ooo-bee” or “ooo-bay.”

Exotic condiments–Try cultured cabbage spreads like Polish kimchi, or swap out your typical strawberry marmalade for ghost pepper jelly. Your standard meals will get a nice dose of diversity. What’s mayonnaise, again?

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Waste-free eats–According to the National Resources Defense Council, about 40% of the food America makes never gets eaten. Many would claim there’s no such thing as a piece of food that can’t be used, and determined restaurant chefs are out to prove it!

Spam–Dig out the processed meat that you’ve relegated to the darkest corner of your pantry because Spam is about to be big again. Hawaiian cuisine, including gourmet sushi-esque dishes like this Spam musubi, has given this mystery meat a well-deserved second chance.

Artisan ice cream–Rolled ice cream in flavors that you’d never expect are taking center stage in the 2016 food scene. NYC Chinatown’s 10Below, a popular ice cream shop, serves Thai-style rolled ice cream. Tourists have reported waiting in hour-long lines to indulge in this yummy frozen treat.

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