8 Horrifying Travel Horror Stories That You Have to Read

It’s almost Halloween, and to celebrate, we can’t miss this chance to share our wealth of REAL LIFE travel horror stories with you. Here are some of the WORST nightmares for travelers on planes, trains, and automobiles.


1) No encore
“Apparently very shaken by the death of the pop icon, one woman was deemed an “unruly passenger” when she refused to stop belting out Whitney Houston tracks.

She must not have been doing the songstress justice, though, because the flight had to be diverted to Kansas on its trek to JFK from Los Angeles. Even as the woman was being escorted off the plane, she continued to scream-sing “I Will Always Love You” in homage to the departed Houston. Judging by the video, we’re pretty sure Whitney got the message. Along with everyone else in a five-mile radius.”

2) Superb Parenting
“I once witnessed a woman lay her toddler on the aisle and proceed to change his diaper. This was during boarding. I was gob-smacked.”

3) Morbid Beverages
“Last month, I was on a Vegas-to-Boston flight when some poor guy passed away on the plane. We diverted to NY and emergency personnel carried him off the plane, and his widow was also escorted from the plane. Just before we took off to resume our flight, some idiot in the front row looks at the clearly stricken flight attendant and asks if we now all get free drink

4) What’s that smell?
“Berlin in the height of summer: Connecting flight canceled on the runway, so I missed the international departure from Frankfurt to Tokyo.
The big problem was the large selection of European cheeses I had placed in the suitcase, which was sent to who knows where. When we were finally reunited, the hard cheeses were soft and the soft cheeses were liquid. And the stench accomplished the almost impossible task of completely overwhelming my week’s collection of used socks.”


5) Red Scare
“I was working at a railway in Stockton, CA, maintaining the cranes that pull cars off the tracks when a freight engine rolled in with the front end a little caved in, covered in red.

The entire front end was covered in what appeared to be red bloody chunks of paste left over from rolling through maybe a herd of cattle, or a hoard of zombies… I didn’t know what to think. I felt my stomach churn, and my coworker turned green and heaved a bit.

I asked the foreman what happened, he told me some teenager jumped out in front of it. Later, I braved my fears and walked up to it as these folks were cleaning it without any signs of being affected by the sight. Turns out the train hit a stalled fiberglass trailer filled with tomatoes that was headed to the Hunt’s cannery in Oakdale.”

6) Seeing Lincoln
“After his death, Abraham Lincoln’s body was carried through New York on a train. This funeral train slowed down, or came to a complete stop, at many stations along the way. According to some, every April it still makes that journey, much to the shock and surprise of onlookers.

As the story goes, the train will make an appearance along the same railroad tracks, and on the same day, each April. The train is described as having a blue light and draped with funeral bunting. The coffin of the fallen president is also visible, draped in an American flag. People who witness this train also mention the dozens of ghost soldiers who appear to salute the train as it passes. After the procession has passed by, clocks in the immediate area are found to be six minutes behind, apparently as a result of the stop made by this ghostly train at the local station.”


7) Ghost Rider
“I was driving to work around 3:30 in the morning on a back road in Mississippi near the Louisiana line. I was probably going about 35 or so, as it was raining and the road is a winding with no lines or anything. It’s dangerous enough in daylight under normal conditions. Anyway, I’m driving along and suddenly this jet black horse just flies out of the woods on a side trail. There was a rider decked out in a black cloak with a hood and everything. The horse must have been blasting at full speed, and the rider’s cloak was just whipping in the wind. They must’ve run for 1/4 mile or so and then darted off down another side trail and disappeared into the darkness.”

8) Face Your Fears!
“My aunts and I were on a road trip to visit my grandparents. We were driving almost 3000 miles to The NW territories Canada from Portland Oregon. Most of the drive is long, lonely highways.

We stop at a campground and just sleep in the van. I was sleeping in the front passenger seat. I thought I heard footsteps close to the van but didn’t see anything. When I woke up the next morning, I glanced out the window: there was a full face print on the window. Like someone had been watching us during the night. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep for the rest of the drive.”

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