9 Travel-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Looking for some last-minute inspiration for office-friendly Halloween costumes? Here’s a roundup of our favorite travel-themed ideas that are sure to make you want to start planning your next trip.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Why limit yourself to this planet? Maybe it’s time to venture into space as a genetically modified raccoon named Rocket. Have children? They could be baby Groots!

Get creative with some poster board and you’re all set for your next trip. If you’re feeling adventurous, attach a big blank sheet of paper to the back and bring a marker so that people can give you “stamps”

Be a destination
Pick your favorite place and BE IT. Whether it’s literal like a street map or more abstract like a field of flowers – consider wearing your happy place.

Check your local thrift store for a vintage suitcase. Some are in pretty rough shape and priced to sell, so don’t feel too bad about cutting arm and leg holes in it!

For the jet-setting business traveler, keep your coworkers guessing where you’re going next. Bonus: the striped knit hat will keep you warm if you’re celebrating in the cold this year.

Airport Security Officer
Enough said.

Doctor Strange
We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but this doctor is more than your average surgeon. Don a blood red cape and some hoop-shaped glow sticks and you’re halfway to becoming this skeptical hero.

Not cut out for being scary? Take a trip to the not-so-great beyond as Adam and Barbara Maitland. Don’t forget to bring your Handbook For The Recently Deceased!

The Shining
Feeling a little isolated? Turn to the Overlook Hotel for inspiration this Halloween. Plus, if you’re trick-or-treating with a young child, they could sport some overalls and ride a big wheel around like Danny.

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