Affordable Museums Across the U.S.

This October, we’re going to pay homage to National Arts and Humanities Month. If that has you rolling your eyes, hang on; we’re getting to the good part.

Many top-class art museums are totally affordable and fun for the family. Not to mention, they’re a great alternative to going to the movies (again!). If your goal is to add a couple hours of local entertainment into your business travel this year, this could be the best way to fulfill your wish–besides, how many of us made a resolution ten months ago to explore our inner intellectuals and art lovers during travel?  *Note: All museums we highlighted offer either free admission or free dates, as specified in the descriptions below.  

  1. The Baltimore Museum of Art — Among the first American museums to feature African art, this museum is also known for its gorgeous gardens outside. And it’s one of the largest art museums in the nation that is always free.
  2. Museum of Modern Art (NYC/Free on Fridays between 4-8pm) — Locals call it MoMA, and it’s the home of modern classics like the famous Monet Water Lilies series of paintings.
  3. Art Institute of Chicago (Free on Thursdays to Illinois residents) — This attraction’s known for holding (arguably) the greatest collection of Western paintings in one place.
  4. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (NYC/Pay-what-you-want donations on Saturday from 5-7pm) — Perhaps the most famous art in this museum is the museum itself, designed by the iconic architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.
  5. Frye Art Museum (Seattle, Washington) — Yelpers boast of its free parking, accessible size, and friendly service. Although not as gigantic as some of the others mentioned here, the museum hosts a huge Hall of American Portraits–namely, the kind of stuff you’ll recognize from old history books.
  6. Indianapolis Museum of Art — (Free first Thursday of each month from 4-9pm) This collection earned its fame from innovative green initiatives and the 100-acre Virginia B. Fairbanks garden. (P.S. The garden itself is always a free museum feature.)
  7. Minneapolis Institute of Arts — This large, free-admission museum in Minnesota contains a wide array of woodworking and living art alongside paintings and contains one of the most impressive collections of Asian artwork in the U.S.
  8. Perez Art Museum Miami (Only free on second Saturdays and first Thursdays of each month) — Located on prime Biscayne Bay real estate, this museum showcases plenty of family-friendly tours and fine bayside dining.
  9. The Museum at FIT (New York City) — Art not really your thing, but you love fashion? With some of the finest textiles and designers in the world, this might be just the place for you!
  10. The Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX/Free on Thursdays after 5pm) — Want to see some awesome Spanish art from geniuses like Goya and Picasso? Look no further than this free Dallas attraction.


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