An Extra Day = Huge Rate Savings

Often, people need time to produce the best results. Rate service at Creative Lodging Solutions is no exception. The bottom line is, reservation requests for same day (especially same hour!) may come with limited savings; limited meaning, you will still save–but not nearly as much. We do not charge expedited fees to secure the best lodging rates; we do, however, need adequate time to search for the perfect fit and/or negotiate with your brand/location of choice. Besides, sometimes the hotel folks can be a little hard to reach. Let’s put it this way: What if you only gave us 15 minutes to negotiate, and the hotel manager was away on a lunch break? We wouldn’t get the opportunity to grab that extra discount for you. We want you to know how good rates can be with some extra TLC. How good?

Last year, we compared client savings based on the advanced notice they provided. As expected, many clients benefited from significantly higher savings due to getting their lodging requests in early. Consistently, 2014 showed a significant leap in room rate savings for clients providing CLS more than 24 hours to provide hotel options. For example, we noticed a strong pattern between two of our clients –let’s call them Client A and Client B. Client A requested hotel options just in the nick of time; they gave us over 24 hours to negotiate only 5% of the time. However, Client B gave us over 24 hours 28% of the time. The results? Client A received only a 12% overall rate savings; Client B nearly doubled A’s cumulative rate savings, with a yearly savings of 25%. What would you do with an extra 12-13% in room rate savings?

Now let’s take it a step further. What happens when clients give us more than 24 hours to negotiate on over 40% of their lodging project requests? Those customers saw annual lodging savings of 37% off the lowest unrestricted rate – almost triple the savings of Client A!

There are certainly times when the CLS team pulls off same day requests with huge negotiation wins! But we also know that if you’re our client, you expect great rate discounts every single time. You want the lowest rate we can offer you; we want nothing more than to give that to you. So, if you’re looking for additional savings, help us both by giving CLS associates at least a day’s notice on projects under 21 nights and a minimum of 2 days’ notice on projects over 21 nights. We realize things happen that require impromptu travel accommodations, but did you ever consider how much you could save, at least in those times when you weren’t in such a rush? We want to show you the difference our premier negotiation team makes because we know you deserve it. Thank you in advance!


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