Are You Insured?

You have it for your car. Your house or apartment. Your possessions. Even your life. Insurance, that is. Why don’t you have insurance for travel? Adding travel insurance to your business trip package can give you the ultimate peace of mind when planning your next trip because it protects you from more mishaps than you’ve ever dreamed of. But did you know this coverage also provides emergency services when you need them? Travel insurance can be like your best long-distance friend when you’re on the road: You don’t get to see it all the time, but you need it to be there for you in a pinch.

First, we’ll talk about how travel insurance can protect you against unexpected damages. If you have an accident or illness when you’re traveling, travel insurance can reimburse any medical charges incurred. Cancellations and delays are unfortunate realities of modern travel, but travel insurance can cover that, too! Have you ever had to return home for a family emergency, and your hotel refused to reimburse you for the extra night you couldn’t stay? How about the time you got a late start because of traffic and just missed the check in? The right insurance can tackle the messy inconveniences of everyday travel issues.

Imagine that in your frenzy to arrive or depart from your destination, you could have left a stray bag at the airport. Your travel insurance will pay you back for all your luggage and precious cargo. Other miscellaneous benefits? Try personal liability, accidental death, legal expenses, dental care, emergency reunion, or tour operator default.

What about those emergency provisions? Travel insurance agents stand by 24/7 to take care of your last minute needs. You might not consider the usefulness of this particular benefit until your rental car breaks down in a foreign country where you don’t speak the native language. Local contacts talk you through the crisis and help you determine the best and fastest course of action. Accidents, loss of documents, administrative errors…emergency travel services professionals will act as your good samaritans when you’re far from home.

Creative Lodging Solutions™, much like travel insurance, offers their clients an answer to common travel hassles like cancellations, delays, late checkouts, etc. More importantly, the travel management company can afford clients the peace of mind that their travel program is in trusted hands.They are the client’s hotel hotline for on-the-road issues like cancellations, delays, and uncooperative hotel staff. Sound familiar? CLS™ values the friendliness, accessibility, and customer service that assures clients that calling Creative Lodging Solutions™ is always the right decision.



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