Best Costume Ideas for Travelers: 2016 Edition

Last year, we had a brainstorming session about our favorite movies and schemed up some perfect ideas on how to make Halloween costumes with that inspiration. We had so much fun with the 2015 post that we just had to list a few more. After all, we’re talking about two things we treasure most — Halloween creativity and travel.


  • Do you dare to venture to the Upside Down to help a friend? Why not don a razor cut or a blonde wig and poofy pink dress and draw cues from Stranger Things’ iconic character, Eleven? If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can always disguise yourself as one of the quirky kids on the show–or even Barb.


  • Love New York City so much that you bought the classic tourist T-shirt (You know the one!)? Have you seen more of The City than the inside of an airport or Manhattan? You can transform yourself as Lady Liberty herself with the help of some impressive face paint and a statuesque pose.


  • Where in the world are you, traveler? Do you remember those 90s cartoons of Carmen Sandiego? You’ll look ravishing in her red cape (and matching lipstick!), high boots, and some classy black gloves! Need a quick couples costume? Pair it with a Where’s Waldo by your side, and you’ll instantly be the jet-setting duo that’s impossible to keep up with.


  • It’s me, Mario! Ready to hustle around and grab coins? Snazz up an old pair of overalls, deck out a baseball cap, and slap on a fake mustache for an affordable take on a video game classic.


  • We have to admit, tourists have a bad reputation, but everyone is a tourist somewhere. If you’re clueless about your location and proud of it, we suggest a pair of short shorts, a block letter sweatshirt of your location (or a Hawaiian shirt), and the largest paper map you can find. Walk in circles frequently!


  • As appropriate for a jaunt across town to a trip across the nation, you can’t go wrong with the ever-trusty Google Maps, and the same applies for a costume idea. Create a red teardrop shape and cut a hole in the middle for your face: Think points on the Google Maps app. Just pick your “Point B” person, tape some street signs onto your clothes, and get crafty!


  • Perhaps even more annoying than the Tourist, you’ll have every right to pester partygoers while wearing this costume. That’s right: You’ll be a TSA agent, and confiscating anything suspect and making sure everyone complies with party rules are not out of the question for someone in your profession. Have fun with it!


  • Wilson! Wilson! Here’s an easy costume idea: Dress up like Tom Hanks’ character on Castaway, and we guarantee some fast laughs. The only catch? You have to stay in character. It’s just not as funny unless you look lost and slightly disconnected from reality.


  • Your room, sir! You can spin this costume so many ways; for example, a haunted bellhop or even a Wes Anderson-inspired character as depicted in The Grand Budapest Hotel.


  • If time travel is more your style, dress for the day as Doctor Who and travel through the centuries in the TARDIS. Your costume depends on which Doctor you pick, so find a jacket that suits your style and get going!


Managing your own travel can be so overwhelming that it’s just plain scary. Why not try us on for size? If nothing else, you can get a free demo and see how your travel cost savings can start adding up! All treats, and no tricks.


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