Best Costume Ideas for Travelers

With Halloween just over two weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear NOW. Whether you plan to travel space, time, the world, or the off-beaten path, we’ve got just the costume for you. Our ideas are NOT those prepackaged, garden variety outfits you’ve seen too many times! And most of these can be made at the last minute and on a tight budget, so you’re really in for a treat!

Space Travel

themartianThe Martian — Got a blonde beard? Like potatoes? Are you outrageously sick of disco music? If so, you’ve got a lot in common with Mark Watney (Matt Damon) from The Martian. Be prepared to science the crap out of your costume. Space livin’ ain’t easy.

trekStar Trek — when you need a costume at warp speed, pull on a crew or V-neck and add a few embellishments, including the Starfleet insignia and metallic armbands. Going as Spock? Throw on some ears (most Halloween stores will have them) and start practicing the Vulcan salute.

starwarsStar Wars — Put off that haircut until after Halloween and you’re already on your way to the perfect Hans Solo mullet. Just make a few choice cuts to an old black t-shirt and you’ve got the classic Hans vest! And if you’ve got a fluffy brown dog– Chewbacca!


spaceballsSpaceballs — If your Star Wars costume didn’t turn out as anticipated, perhaps you could put a comedic spin on your utter failure as a costume designer. That mop bucket you cracked and never threw out should serve you well in your new role as Dark Helmet.


Time Travel

bill and tedBill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure — Time flies when you are having fun in these quirky costumes. Be excellent this Halloween, dudes. And be mindful, because “Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.”

martyBack to the Future — Great Scott, you’d look awesome as either Doc or Marty. Other than the long search for Dad-jeans or wigs, either makes a fairly easy costume. Leave yourself enough time to find a puffer vest in the perfect shade of burnt orange!

donniedarkoDonnie Darko — You’ve got less than 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds to decide on a costume, so why not go as Frank, the apocalyptic bunny? Or, if you’re already feeling the time crunch of our impending doom… “CHUT UP” and snag yourself a pair of fabulous fuzzy earmuffs to get the Cherita Chen look in a pinch.

jumanjiJumanji — Any board game that unleashes otherworldly plagues upon the players is a perfect fit for Halloween. Remember that scene where Peter turned into a creepy monkey/child? Don’t forget to rip a hole in an old pair of jeans to give your new tail some wiggle room!


World Travel

harrisonIndiana Jones — Become the iconic trailblazer himself or enjoy disguising as the feisty Marion or Irina. Carry a torch to light the way and you’ll instantly seem more legit (and dangerous, so be careful!)

lotrLOTR — Put those massive, hairy feet of yours to use this year and go as Samwise for Halloween. Of course you could be Frodo, but why would you want the pressure of bearing that weighty ring? Don’t forget about Gandalf the White. I’m sure you’ve got at least three majestic robes just lying around in your scepter closet.

piLife of Pi — Take the journey of a lifetime dressed up as Pi. If you have a dog (or leash-trained feline), dress them up as a tiger and take on a more meaningful Halloween. Your furry friend would probably love the extra time with you.


Quirky Travel

budapestThe Grand Budapest Hotel — We hope to see some more drawn-on mustaches this year. Added bonus: If you have to break up a scuffle, you could shout “Keep your hands off my lobby boy!”

dumbDumb and Dumber — Get a friend in on the fun, and head to a thrift store for some bright tuxes with matching top hats. Just don’t get too dumb and spike the punch with Ex-lax…

lifeaquaticThe Life Aquatic — Don a red cap and a blue jumpsuit, and you’ve got it. If your beard falls off mid-evening or you rip your outfit in a compromising location, just apologize and tell everyone that you’ve got “one foot off the merry-go-round.”

darjeelingThe Darjeeling Limited — I’m sure you’ve noticed the pattern here with Wes Anderson movies. We couldn’t help ourselves. Find yourself an old suitcase, a pair of loafers, and brace for an adventure.

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