Best Food & Drink Apps for Business Travelers

Hungry or thirsty? Let’s talk about food. In the next few weeks, we’d like to mix it up and discuss food trends, tourism, and apps to help you find the best grub while you’re on the road.

Undeniably, one of the most delightful components of business travel is enjoying a meal and/or drink in a restaurant or bar. There’s an app for that, but which ones should you take the time to download? We’ve compiled the coolest ones to make sure you get the meals and beverages you want at the prices and locations you need. The best part about these? We’ve done our research to make sure each of these apps is totally FREE!


  1. Cocktail Compass–Left the office but still need to catch up on a few emails? Cocktail Compass is perfect for you. It will steer you straight to all the bars/pubs with WiFi so you can still get some work done. The app also helps you find a cab if you’ve had one too many after-work old fashioneds.


  1. DrinkOwl–This app not only scours the town for the best drink specials but also hands out coupons for tons of nearby bars and restaurants.


  1. Scoutmob– We can all get hungry after we drink, so it just makes sense to make arrangements for happy hour and dinner simultaneously. You’re in luck: Scoutmob will set you up with both beverages and an evening meal in major US cities. Plus, you get coupons and local news pop-ups to keep you entertained.


  1. Untappd–Like craft beer? This one’s like the Yelp for breweries. If you’re already at a place with an impressive beer selection, this one will help you narrow down the best beers and meal pairings.


  1. Hello Vino–More of a wino than a beeroisseur? This app finds perfect pairings for those of us who know we love wines but couldn’t quite be classified as certified “wine snobs.” With Hello Vino, you’ll always know what to order with your food when you get to the restaurant.


  1. Beanhunter–Getting bored with Starbucks but need to go on a coffee run? Beanhunter finds the local java joints so you can get a taste for the best independent joe in town.


  1. Healthy Out–You can even specify “Not a salad’ in your filters to avoid that ubiquitous yet boring “healthy” meal. Enough said.


  1. Yo Dish–Are there certain foods you’re trying to avoid? Whether you’re vegan, celiac, or soy-intolerant, just specify your food enemies; and Yo Dish will pop up restaurants and menus catered to your needs. Another free app to check out if you’re avoiding gluten: Find Me Gluten Free.


  1. TipStar–Did you know nearly half of Americans tip less than 10 percent? Sadly, 11 percent of restaurant patrons give absolutely nothing. Don’t be one of those people. This app calculates your gratuity with lightning speed: It’s perfect for those times when you’re too sluggish to do math after a generous meal and a few glasses of wine.


  1. Eat 24–Would you rather order in at your hotel room than venture out? Eat 24, like the popular app Seamless, does just that. The upside? The app reaches more cities than its popular cousin. You can also browse pictures of food before ordering. AND they’ve set up a secure payment system that saves your card numbers for later. Sounds like a plan!


The bottom line: Eat, drink, work hard, and be merry! 



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