Budget-Friendly and Beautiful Destinations for Fall

For everyone who is psyched to say goodbye to summer, there are plenty others that are mourning the end of what they see as the golden time of year. If you fall into the second category, don’t despair! You’ll fall in love with fall if you see it in just the right light, and we have some locations to recommend!

1) Meet me in Montauk! — We’ve all heard about the beauty of resorts like the Hamptons during the fall, which has way too much traffic this time of year. For an alternative locale with a less commercial feel, Montauk might prove a recurring favorite in your list of fall destinations. It’s a short, rather scenic drive three hours outside of New York City.

2) “Maine” attraction — If you can embrace the cooler fall weather here, Maine might claim a top spot on your list of leaf-peeping destinations. Chowder cookouts and fall festivals abound during this season, so you’re sure to find a taste of Maine somewhere. Because so many people flee south during the fall, you can rest assured you’ll be largely untouched by the popular tourist season. If weather permits, cruise along the coastline with a top-notch windjammer cruise.

3) Miami heat — Miami stays sizzling even during the cooler months, though the mixing of hot and cold fronts can bring bad weather. (Check out our hurricane prep tips if you’re heading there.) For the lower prices of hotel rooms and the satisfaction of enjoying a much sparser beach, Miami might just be worth the trip. We also heard the seafood is fresher this time of year, and who doesn’t want to sip wine on the beach after dinner?

4) Montana mountain adventures — We promise we’re done with ‘M’-names for now! If you want to meet to hang out with some of the most relaxed folks you’ve ever met, drink local brews, and enjoy arts and outdoor activities, you will find a bounty of gems in the Treasure State.

5) Havana, Cuba — Travelers jumped for joy when the U.S. travel embargo was finally lifted on Cuba, and it catapulted in popularity as it looks as though those barriers might come back up again soon. Because it takes some time for a bill to become a law, most sources agree you can sneak into the island if you hurry.

Don’t exactly reveal that you’re a tourist though: If you cite broad enough categories as your reason for travel, such as “support for the Cuban people,” you should be granted a visa — for now.

6) Take me to Tokyo! — Japan boasts a colorful culture unlike that of most any other country, and rumor has it no place quite compares to the experience it brings curious travelers. Bathroom sandals, stacked parking structures, and mayo-flavored ice cream are only scratching the surface of oddities that will catch you way off guard.

Apart from all that weirdness, though, the weakened yen will make it much easier for travelers to jump on a plane and visit their dream destination.

7) Stowe: Sugar maples, mountains, and the sound of music — You’ll be right down the road from Ben and Jerry’s, a world-class cider mill, and the Von Trapp Lodge (Yes, the Von Trapps from The Sound of Music). If you’re a budget traveler, rest assured you won’t have to spend much on attractions here: you will find the Green Mountains more than enough to lure you in and refresh your senses.

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