Can You Manage a Company as a Globetrotter?

Editor’s Note: The author of this compelling guest blog, James D. Burbank, has worked in the trade show industry for years, traveling places and learning a lot about business. He is currently working on his business-oriented blog – BizzMarkBlog–and no, he hasn’t done the round-the-world trip.

Usually, when we are talking about telecommuting and people putting in work while traveling, we are talking freelancers, employees, and very rarely managers of some kind. And even when we’re talking about managers, we’re always referring to a shorter period of travel time.

However, is it possible to run an entire company while globetrotting? Can a person run a hypothetical software development company that has six developers, three salespeople, one in marketing, and one in HR without setting foot on the company property for more than twice a year?

Ten years ago, the answer would be a resounding no.

Today? It might just be possible.

Improved Communication

The main reason why a company owner who is also a globetrotter is a possibility these days is that we have seen quantum leaps being made in the communication industry. All you have to do is go back to a decade or two decades ago and try to remember how we communicated back then.

ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger only became available some twenty years ago. In 2002, Skype didn’t even exist. Mobile phones were all but useless outside major urban centers, and having to pay providers insane international tariffs made them useless in a situation such as globetrotting company management.

Now you can sit in the shadow of the Ayers Rock in Australia and video conference with your entire company somewhere in Minnesota. You can have daily video meetings without skipping a beat. You can chat face-to-face to an employee you last saw in person 5 months ago before you decided to sail from Argentina to Ivory Coast.

These new communication capabilities ensure that the globetrotting company owner is at all times able to get in touch with their employees, stay involved, and make sure they can resolve any conflicts that might occur in a company.

Easy Project Management

Another way in which the modern world of technology allows company owners to handle their business while on the go has been the proliferation of project management software. Namely, our hypothetical company from the introduction will operate in terms of projects that have to be completed, and the business owners can now oversee all of the projects remotely.

With modern project management software, a business owner can keep track of who is working on what, how much time is being spent on which project, and what the possible problems are. They can also make sure that the teams are working in unison and that the goals are being met. With truly great PM software, they can even tie all this in with how their customers are being billed and everything. Of course, before anything, the globetrotting business owner will want to do a project management tool comparison to find the best solution.

Improved Hiring

When you run a company remotely, and especially if the rest of your company is also remote, it is more important than ever that you have the right people. Not everyone is capable of giving their best in such a loosely structured environment. These people are not worse than those who can make it in remotely run companies; they are just different. They need traditional structure.

These days, the ways in which companies hire people has changed dramatically, and company owners can rely on a much bigger pool of candidates from all over the world. This greatly increases the chances that this globetrotting company owner will be able to find people that will strive in such a situation.

Moreover, it is now possible to interview potential new employees remotely and even guide their onboarding process without stepping a foot in your office. (If you even have one, that is!)

Making It All Remote

In fact, it is now possible to set up and manage an entire company remotely, without actually featuring an office of any kind. That same company that we mentioned in the introduction – it can be 100% remote and cloud-based.

…With a remote owner and CEO.

It is a crazy world we live in, and it sure is exciting.

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