Catching Up With La Quinta

Remember when we talked about La Quinta a couple years ago? La Quinta’s Global Sales Manager, Deb Charleston, mentioned all the upcoming renovations and new properties coming down the pipeline. Well…now the brand’s goals are all coming true, and the new branding and product quality and consistency have proved to be big wins with La Quinta guests.

First, let’s talk about the number of properties: The brand is expecting to welcome 50 new properties in 2016 and has 20 projects in the pipeline, including new LQ Hotel locations coming to South and Central America. In accordance with their increased focus on product consistency, renovations have sped up dramatically this year and most new properties will be the “Del Sol” prototype model. In case you haven’t seen it in real life yet, the “Del Sol” prototype takes on a more contemporary feel with brighter colors and cleaner lines to create a more open, airy scheme that resonates with their “Wake Up on the Bright Side” slogan.

Although these designs may vary slightly, some things remain consistent: A revamped feel, more modern furniture and decor, and near-total overhaul of the older design concept all contribute to the evolving La Quinta brand. In other words, you will be wowed by the newly contemporary feel of this iconic brand. Although we loved it before, we think these improvements will increase reservation volume in its nearly 900 properties. Perhaps La Quinta is getting increasingly adept at transforming the hospitality scenery: more metro areas locations, including those popping up closer to airports have a more modern concept fits the city markets. Also, the brand changes up the design to fit regional interests. For example, compare this Western design theme in Gallup, New Mexico…


To this completely different layout in Manhattan….

If you’re curious about the big changes at La Quinta, we strongly encourage you to go see them in person: You’ll also get to see other renovations while you’re visiting, such as the BrightSide Markets in most locations. Forget the antiquated idea of hitting up the vending machine or searching for the closest grocery store or supermarket: BrightSide Market takes care of all your grocery and miscellaneous item needs — right in the lobby of your hotel! The brand also listened to the customer demand for faster internet as most travelers identify this as their #1 travel amenity concern. So if you’re looking for fast internet speeds, low prices, and eye-popping design, look no further than La Quinta for your next stay!

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