Cost-Effective Vacation Spots You Can’t Afford to Miss This Year

If you have many other financial responsibilities, a summer vacation might get pushed to the bottom of your priority list: so many people make budgetary sacrifices in other areas to manage the high cost of travel. Some vacationers even work while traveling to keep up with cost of living or automated expenses. In fact, picking up a few odd jobs in a lower-cost locale might even allow you to take a longer trip

With a little creativity and less conventional destinations, you could make that trip you need sooner rather than later. Who wants to wait around for shoulder or off seasons to grab a great deal? Just choose the right vacation spot and build a travel budget, and that faraway beach or mountain resort is all yours!

  • Las Vegas — How did a destination so famous for money-sucking slot machines make it onto this list? If you think beyond The Strip for lodging, food, and entertainment, you stand a fighting chance of funding an inexpensive vacation in Sin City. We should note that you should set aside a reasonable amount to gamble, maybe about $100-200, and not exceed your budget.


  • Bonaire/Curacao (But NOT Aruba) — Want to see island landscapes for a little less? Look no further than these two Netherlands Antilles islands, part of what is commonly called the “ABC Islands”… very popular choices among scuba divers and beach lovers. If you want to feel far away from everything, choose Bonaire. If you’re craving beaches lined with more attractions and beautiful Dutch architecture, book your trip to Curacao. And there’s always the island-hopping option! (Aruba didn’t make this list its surge of popularity has driven up the price in recent years.)


  • Greece — Yeah, yeah…we’ve heard all about how wonderful Italy and France can be for first-time European travelers, but how do we leave Greece out of the travel conversation? It gets overlooked because people assume it’s just as expensive as its neighbors. Not by a long shot! The country’s struggling financially and is taking great strides to keep up by making travel to their country more accessible.


  • Great Smoky Mountains — In most cases, you don’t have to pay as much for a cabin as you would a hotel, and that’s part of what drives costs down for travelers. What’s more, if you’re as close as we are to this mountain chain, you won’t even have to fly to get there. You’ll be hooked on the sights, small towns, and Southern food.


  • Vietnam — Sure, it costs a chunk of change to travel halfway around the world, but once you get to Vietnam, you’ll save a surprising sum. Get this — haggling is common (and encouraged), so you can bargain for a $1 bowl of street food when it’s usually $2. Lodging won’t cost you an arm and leg, either, and you can negotiate that in Vietnam too (kind of like CLS does for your corporate lodging!). An average night in Vietnam will only set you back about seven bucks. 


  • Bolivia Backpackers, listen up! This inland nation in South America boasts SIX World Heritages in one place. You can also see the world’s highest navigable lake and tallest ski slope in the world within the gorgeous Andes Mountains.


  • The Gambia — Popular with European travelers who love its beaches, food, and river views, Gambia has so many attractions tucked into one tiny country. You get to gawk at multiple landscapes within this country — beaches, riversides, and miles upon miles of nature preserves.


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