Elevating Expectations With La Quinta

La Quinta is exceeding expectations again with impressive changes and brand revamps! Their initiative is twofold — to provide consistency while challenging the status quo. Although seemingly contradictory, LQ’s brands will seamlessly integrate both elements to provide an optimal and engaging customer experience.

Expansion into new markets, including those outside the US, broadens the brand’s scope of influence. Several Latin American locations have rolled out recently, including hotels in Cancun and Aguascalientes, Mexico, and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The Latin American hotel brand, called LQ Hotels, aims to fit your travel budget better than some of the expensive resorts nearby.

The buzzword that best demonstrates this sweeping brand makeover is “Elevate.” La Quinta takes their brand to the next level through improving reward and redemption systems and jumpstarting new renovations. They’re providing innovative updates while zeroing in on customer service, product consistency, and brand engagement – fundamental elements that every customer expects and deserves from a hotel stay. But they’re going much further than that with fun, and, well, rewarding…rewards programs.

These revolutionary rewards programs lie at the heart of the brand’s redesign and allow for maximum flexibility in how and where you use your points. With Redeem Away!, delighted customers are purchasing grocery items and coffees with their hotel points; the points can be redeemed all across the country. Better yet, these points can score La Quinta fans some airline miles, which can really incentivize business travelers who need long term travel hotels and are planning their summer vacations.

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