Happy Birthday, Blog!

We started our blog last fall, just over a year ago. Thank you for reading along as we ventured through tips and tricks, news, and other travel-savvy material! Pardon us as we get nostalgic while looking back on previous blogs. Why revisit the past? We wanted to see what activates your clicking fingers and share our findings with you! We never want to bore our readers, so if we notice a pattern in the type of material that gets a reaction, we’ll start creating more of it (when applicable).

What subject matter interests you most? Do you like to read amusing pieces or get straight to the brass tacks of corporate lodging? Business travel, pleasure travel, or a mixture of both (bleisure) travel? Perhaps you prefer hot-off-the-press news to safety tips or vice versa. We’re always up for an experiment, so we dug through the analytics archives and discovered some interesting intel.

Here are the top 10 blogs that got the most love from you this year:

  1. WE’VE MOVED! –Maybe it’s the screaming capitalization or the announcement of a BIG CHANGE coming to the Beaumont neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky, but our web viewers couldn’t help being curious about our relocation. 
  2. Going to Georgia? Here’s What You Need to Know–Many of our travelers headed to the Peach State this year were met with some bad news. And these changes are still kicking, so keep that on your mind while you’re thinking of Georgia.
  3. 10 Quick and Dirty April Fools’ Day Pranks for the Office–AKA, a specific how-to guide for that one coworker that gets under your skin. Are they a neat freak? Afraid of spiders? We’ve got you covered! Just don’t get into too much trouble with your HR department.
  4. 5 Awesome Hotel Breakfast Hacks Every Hotel Goer Should Know–It involves the best meal of the day AND the first one that involves coffee. Of course it was a popular post.
  5. Glamping, Mamping, and Five Kinds of Camping–Camping is so much more complex than you ever dreamed. Tent? Check! Sleeping bags? Check! Flat screen TVs? Wait, WHAT?
  6. Why We’re One of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky–What landed us on this list for SIX years in a row? Find out what we love about CLS.
  7. CLS Celebrates New Blog Launch–This marked our very first blogging brainchild. Short, sweet, and to-the-point, we announce our new blog and politely ask for some future reads. We’re so thankful that you helped make it all come true.
  8. New Season / New Website!–Another joyful launch announcement! Spring sprang, (We’re already missing those warmer days!) and we couldn’t wait to unveil our MUCH BETTER- LOOKING new website. We spent a hot minute shaping up this bad boy, made just for your viewing pleasure.
  9. 2015 Travel Calendar–Forget paying $20 at one of those kiosks in the mall. We designed an attractive copy just for our blog viewers. I know, I know…we’re pretty nice people. You’re welcome. 
  10. The Host with the Most–We highlight the benefits of partnering up with CLS’ Priority Pay system for our wonderful hotel folks out there. Find out how the program pays off HERE.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to our blog to get updates, tips, freebies, and more. We promise to do everything in our power to make it worth your time. Thank you for a great year!


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