Happy No Diet Day!

In honor of No Diet Day, I’d like to take a moment to talk about how hotels are making a serious effort to keep guests healthier with lower calorie food options, exercise programs, and innovative health solutions. Meanwhile, we’ll be enjoying too much ice cream and a shamelessly sedentary lifestyle–just for today.

Naturally, some hotels are focusing more on health than others. Westin was one of the first hotel chains to venture beyond the fitness room to implement more rigorous fitness initiatives with their RunWestin program, where concierges guide hotel guests on 3-5 mile treks through the town. Westin also features a Superfoods RX menu that boasts healthy AND delicious choices, including mid-meeting refreshments. And InterContinental Hotel Group emphasizes all four pillars of health: food, exercise, productivity, and rest into their multi-faceted initiative. Many travelers were delighted to find that several upscale hotel segments caught on to the smoothie trend and started blending custom-picked fruits, vegetables, and proteins in their lobbies. Others, including IHG’s EVEN hotel brand and Stay Well Suites in Las Vegas, introduced hypoallergenic linens, natural cleaning products, self-help podcasts, and HEPA-purified water. Of course, they ask a higher price for such premium services.

Many chains, including Hilton Worldwide, are even experimenting with yoga rooms to see how they go over with their guests. That’s not to knock more traditional gym options, though: Most hotels now accommodate gym-goers. In fact, the number of hotels with fitness centers falls around 85%, which is up 63% from 2004. For those who are shy about hitting the ellipticals in front of other people, several hotels now offer in-room workout varietals. Sheraton visitors can opt for a “workout in a bag,” complete with a mat and workout cards. We’ve officially run out of excuses to skip exercise on the road.

Even if the hotel you’ve reserved doesn’t whip up fresh-pressed juices and roll out state-of-the-art fitness centers, keep in mind that you can find reasonable options on every property. Just think about eating oatmeal instead of pancakes, picking plenty of fresh fruits, skipping those donuts, and hitting the gym 3x per week. I know–it’s easy to say and not so easy in practice.

According to a recent survey, only 54% of guests work out while they’re on the road, but 35% feel bad about it. If you think it’s impossible to maintain your fitness goals and eat better: Look more closely. There are likely some healthy buffet choices or a fitness center right around the corner. After today, it looks as though it’s time to strap our FitBits back on and count calories.

What’s your favorite health perk you’ve found at a hotel property so far? Let us know in the comments below!



  • Venessa Parker
    Posted at 18:52h, 02 June Reply

    When I worked at the Hyatt, they had a fitness center but I also liked that we partnered with a local gym. If our guests decided to go to the local gym all they would have to do is show their room key and they would get 15% off their day rate. So if your hotel you are staying at doesn’t have a fitness center it is always a good idea to ask the front desk if they know of any local discounts.

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