Holiday Destinations for Every Type of Traveler

Everyone looks for something different in the holidays. Whether they anticipate a romantic vacation, a festive shopping spree, or a kid-friendly surprise, there’s something right here in the U.S. for you. We’re determined to help you find it. And hey, if you’re on the road for work, there’s hope! We’ve spread these out through the country, so if you’re remotely close to these attractions and you have a flex day in there, you should try to give these places a try for a festive twist to your business trip.


For the hopeless romantic – Take your beau to the NYC to see the famous tree. Is it cheesy? Yes, but if you want to stand next to one of the largest Christmas trees in the country and enjoy an afternoon in Manhattan afterward, leave your cynicism behind and enjoy your visit. While you’re at it, see Top of the Rock and MoMA for an especially dazzling day trip.


For the kid at heart – Jolly old Saint Nick abounds in this tiny Indiana town, aptly named… get ready… Santa Claus. During the holidays, stop by the renowned Santa Claus Holiday Store, and don’t miss your chance to write a letter to Santa at his very own post office. For perennial Christmas fun, come back in the spring to visit Holiday World, a theme park that features one of the oldest roller coasters, complimentary drinks, and good old-fashioned Midwestern hospitality.


For those who love to shop – Or, if you haven’t gotten all of your holiday shopping done and need plenty (as in 520 shops) options, head to the Mall of America in Minnesota. Even if you say “Bah Humbug” to commercialism, people watching from the massage chairs will never get better than this. We feel the need to mention that there is zero sales tax on clothing in Minnesota.


For the rugged adventurers who NEED to see snow — Even if you’re not an avid skier, you can go skating, sledding, tubing, or beer tasting with one of the best views in the state in Aspen, CO. They celebrate the Norse god of snow, Ullr, with a week of wintry festivities.

A manually blended inage of the Salt Flats at Badwater in Death Valley at sunset. The variance of light and darkness proves to be an exceptionally hard spot to shoot and edit. The salt flats are located on the south end of Death Valley National Park.

For those who are a tad bit eccentric – Remember the cactus-turned-Christmas tree in one of the old Peanuts comics? No? That’s the first thing that popped into our heads when we imagined spending Christmas in Death Valley, CA. According to tourism experts, the weather in Death Valley is consistently some of the most temperate in the U.S. during December. Not to mention, very remote. According to their website, “The period after Thanksgiving and before Christmas is the least crowded time of the entire year. Peak winter visitation periods include Christmas to New Year’s, Martin Luther King Day weekend in January, and Presidents’ Day weekend in February. Reservations for either camping or lodging will be helpful.”


For the people who crave tradition with a side of Southern food – Come for the historic Victorian and antebellum homes, and stay for the epic light shows, including the spectacular “Boat Parade of Lights” on the Savannah River. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t leave before sampling the local fare, like fried chicken and shrimp and grits. Save your diet efforts for the new year and take in the best flavors of Savannah. Added bonus — You’ll get a break from snow because Savannah rarely gets cold in winter months.


For the history lovers –  The setting? Straight out of a Christmas card. If you’re after a culture shock and an undeniably kitschy Christmas display, look no further than Lancaster, PA. You’ll find some critically acclaimed shows as well as a magical Christmas village right in the heart of Amish country. They have a full web page devoted to their Christmas festivities and all the many restaurant choices they leave open to visitors for Christmas and Christmas Eve dinner. Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine is delicious and does not spare calories or comfort. Enjoy!

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