Holiday Gifts That Travelers Will Actually Use

Travelers are hard to buy for. If you get them clothes, you have to consider portability. You can’t as easily buy them the hottest items for their house because who knows where they’ll be at any given time? Similarly, that car accessory won’t excite them simply because there’s little promise they’ll see the inside of anything but a rental or plane for months to come.

We hate to say it, but travel eliminates the viability of many standard gift ideas; when considering traveler gift ideas, you have to get creative. Where can you start?

The one constant in their lives is change. The gifts that won’t get thrown away actually suit their hectic lifestyle because they go where the traveler goes. Very few travelers will dismiss these excellent gifts; we’ll give you a dozen ideas in honor of the 12 days of Christmas.

  • Perfume and cologne rollerballs For nearly every selection of perfume or cologne, there is a corresponding rollerball fragrance. Rollers offer the perfect bridge between a trial size and a dedicated 1+ ounce purchase. These bottles are just small enough to carry on without the TSA side-eye.
  • Ursa Major traveling kit, or something similar – They’ll never forget toiletries again with this practical, attractive kit from Ursa Major. Complete with face wash, face tonic, moisturizer, and shave cream, the travel combo delivers some of the best in “super natural” skin care.
  • A toiletry bag Your skin care deserves a more durable wrapping. How about a handsome unisex tote like this one? Besides, it’s an ideal match for the carry-on bag above.
  • Carry-on cocktail kit – As mentioned in a previous post about booze, you can make fabulous, even fancy cocktails within your cramped coach quarters. Unlike most of the recipes we mentioned, though, you won’t have to guess what to mix with what; there are plenty of poisons to pick — from whiskey sours to martinis.
  • Blanket scarf When you need a blanket, this cashmere scarf will keep you cozy. When you fold it up, it helps support your head for a long nap on a plane. Side note: It can also be used as, you know, an actual scarf.
  • S’well water bottle – Believe it or not, it’s not just about looks. These water bottles will keep your water’s fresh flavor, so you won’t have to suffer through the plastic and metallic tastes you get with cheaper bottles.
  • Designer passport cover – Impress the border police AND the fashion police with one of these dazzling designer passport holders from designers like Kate Spade and Dolce and Gabbana.
  • quip – You can take this toothbrush anywhere with the nifty travel case, and the replacements are pre-ordered so you don’t have to guess when you need a refill. Its soft bristles quickly rotate, and the auto timer shuts off vibrations after 2.5 minutes. Plus, it will put your plastic toothbrush to shame.
  • Graze – These healthy snacks can be delivered to work, home, or your extended stay hotel. All snacks are correctly portioned and full of important nutrients like fiber and protein.
  • Travel candle – Here’s your if-all-else-fails, foolproof candle option, and it smells like the perfect beach day – a welcome reprieve when we’re all shivering through winter. What makes a candle a “travel candle”? Throw in a cap and more durable wick on this Henri Bendel beauty, and you can toss it into your suitcase without worry.



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