Hotels on Instagram – Six Examples to Learn From

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Instagram hosts more than 700 million active users as it enjoys a streak of accelerating growth. For the most part, young and involved users comprise that number and therefore make the site a perfect platform for hospitality brands. Additionally, the visual emphasis of Instagram allows for the use of creativity as a competitive edge.

Hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and hostels all can use Instagram to visually display their amenities, facilities and accommodations for the purpose of attracting guests. Additionally, such businesses can create a unique personality and character for their brand. With this in mind, an increasing number of people rely on Instagram as they plan their vacations.

Use the following five examples of hotels on Instagram to learn from as you prepare to use the site for your hospitality business.

1. Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
Visitors to the Four Seasons page on Instagram see a serious, but colorful, display of photographs that portray the luxury of that brand’s properties in ways that make people want to stay there. The way the brand chooses its collection of images illustrates an emphasis on quality over quantity.

By investing effort into the production of visually appealing images for your Instagram profile, you give your business a professional, attractive appearance while encouraging social sharing. Furthermore, when people see that you care about your image, they will have confidence that you will provide them with a high-quality customer experience.


2. Ace Hotel
By adopting an indirect and artistic approach to Instagram promotion, Ace Hotel creates a distinctive look and feel that stands out from other brands with a seemingly spontaneous collection of artistic photographs loosely centered on travel and often including the Ace name. Curiously, however, the brand avoids featuring its locations.

What you can learn from Ace Hotel, is that you can visually tell a story about your brand in ways that also intrigue and entertain your audience. Most of all, this Instagram page promotes the business without creating a pushy sales message.


3. Palihotel
Paligroup’s properties are “designed to provide customers with a unique and aspirational experience.” Each location has a distinct personality specifically tailored to serve (and appeal to) its local market and neighborhood. They encourage visitors to settle in and live like a local with regionally authentic design and atmosphere.

Their carefully curated Instagram gallery offers glimpses into their three separate properties, each a location-specific work of art. You’ll have to visit each to get the full experience.


4. Soho
You can demonstrate to the world that your hotel provides an outstanding experience through the images that you post. For example, you can portray scenery alongside with images that reflect the experiences of your guests in your hotel and around town. After all, guests staying at your hotel will likely venture into the community so let your Instagram highlight your customer service as well as local flair.

Soho sets a good example of this by highlighting guests in the context of their accommodations and amenities as well as area hotspots. When people see the wonders of the Soho experience alongside things to see and do in the area, they naturally want to book a room. Meanwhile, people can easily share your images with their traveling family members, coworkers and friends.


5. Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

Overlooking Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, this hotel has made its way into thousands of photos. While it resides in the background of nearly every tourist photo depicting the city’s iconic Cloud Gate sculpture, this property’s Instagram brings it to the forefront. For over a century, this Venetian Gothic landmark was a private club. Newly renovated and now open to the public, they celebrate inclusiveness, welcoming everyone to enjoy its historic glory.

They don’t just tell you that they have space available for large events — they SHOW you. The Chicago Athletic Hotel has staged countless gorgeous weddings and has a gallery of photos to prove it. While your property may not feature stunning 1890s architectural detailing, you can still highlight unique traits of your building while showcasing successful events.


6. W Hotels Worldwide

W Hotels Worldwide reinforces the notion that some of the most effective strategies avoid direct brand promotion. They focus on new and existing trends in an extremely diverse collection of images and formats. When you visit W Hotels Worldwide on Instagram, you’ll notice how the brand has added video to the mix.

You too can immerse your audience in unique images and video clips to keep people engaged and feeling good about your brand. While you’re at it, slip in some behind-the-scenes views of your staff and property. Doing this will enable prospective customers to develop an intimate bond with your hotel before they arrive.


In conclusion, you can learn a lot about using Instagram to promote your hospitality business by paying attention to the lessons taught by the above five examples. Also, you should follow other successful brands to stay aware of what tactics that do and do not work.

Finally, you should frequently upload new content to your page to maintain a professional image. When you spend the time and make the effort to establish your brand on social channels, you will open a new marketing channel that can lead to steady sales growth.

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