How the Hospitality Industry Is Doing Good

In hospitality, we do more than just book rooms and keep our clients happy, although those are obviously the most important components of our job duties. We also try to make the world happy through charity initiatives, conscious travel, and volunteering. Here are a few examples of companies and nonprofits that remind us that travel can serve as a global force for good.

Did you know that you can embark on a journey while funding a charity you believe in? That’s exactly how volunteer tourism, also known as voluntouring, made its name. One of the most classic (not to mention, demanding) examples is the Peace Corps, but the ones we will talk about today are a bit less hardcore than that. There are countless programs that positively impact humanity through travel, so why not change lives with your time off?

  • The Purpose Hotel — For starters, all you have to do to make a difference at this philanthropic hotel is sleep. Yes, sleep. Their business model? According to Forbes, it’s simple: “When you stay in the hotel, your night’s stay will support a child in another country; when you upgrade your Wi-Fi, the proceeds will go to combat human trafficking; and artwork, television, and many other amenities can be purchased to support causes or will be sourced directly from social enterprises – like blankets and soaps.”


  • WWOOF — World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or Willing Workers on Organic Farms, draws thousands of eager gap year students and altruistic travelers to work on an organic farm, usually overseas. While you do get free food and lodging, you have to put in long hours of work to cultivate the land.


  • Traveleyes — Want to see through the eyes of another human being who hasn’t been given the gift of sight? As counterintuitive as it may sound, you can offer a new set of eyes to one another…and forever change the way you see the world. Sighted travelers are subsidized 50% of their total travel costs for describing the destinations to the blind travelers.


  • …The opportunities to volunteer are practically limitless. Google “voluntouring” as well as your particular field of interest, and you’re likely to see several perfect gigs pop up.



Other organizations might not practice volunteer tourism, but they have high ideals and therefore make more globally conscious travel decisions. Some may focus on helping children, others on the environment, while many target women’s issues.

  • According to The Blue Yonder’s website, they are “creating better places for people to live and visit”… through their rousing volunteer tourism programs. When you travel with The Blue Yonder, the proceeds go straight back to the community you’re visiting. The BY always keeps the experience authentic and respectful to the local communities.


  • TripAdvisor released some positive news recently — they will no longer be directing people to tours that revolve around captive creatures. That means elephant-riding tours and swimming with dolphins are out.


  • If you’re looking for travel that supports clean water, reforestation, and cookstove initiatives, look no further than our friends at Slow Life Foundation, sponsored by Soneva Resorts. According to Town and Country, “The Whole World Water Campaign was one brainchild born of the symposium. Its goal: to generate $1 billion annually to go toward ensuring that every person on the planet has access to clean water. The money is being raised by hotels and restaurants that bottle and sell their own water; a portion of the revenue goes to the campaign.”


CLS gives back too. We have our very own Charitable Giving Committee, and all full-time CLS employees receive one week of paid time off for the community service project of their choice. Some of the most popular choices for community service include the Humane Society, Junior Achievement, and the Nest. We have hosted events from these and other charities at our headquarters, and we continuously encourage our employees to take advantage of a unique opportunity to serve the community.


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