How to Beat the Winter Business Travel Blues

Unless you’re packing everything up and running away to sunny shores this winter, we can pretty much bet it’s not your favorite season for travel. If you’ve left home during the winter months, we’d venture to guess you’re on a business travel mission. But don’t despair! Enjoying your business trip might require nothing more than a change of attitude.

For starters, many see travel as one of the perks of a job or prospective job. The survey of over 1,000 business travelers, conducted by market research company TNS for Marriott’s Fairfield Inn & Suites, finds that 92 percent are happy with their travel frequency. In fact, one Forbes article states that travel, right behind basic necessities, ranked as a primary motivation for Millennial employees. While business travel lacks pure entertainment value, understand that travel anywhere – regardless of city size – is preferable to staying in the office for many American workers. With an open mind, you probably won’t get, or stay, bored in any of the major business cities.

But we also understand that delays, inclement weather, and post-holiday blahs could dampen even the happiest road warrior’s mood.  Here’s what we think you should do to lift your spirits.

  • If you actually catch a break when you’re traveling, get to work and start planning your spring and summer vacations. Motivation is strongest when you can picture something better waiting for you — think of it as a reward for your work.

    And hey… the rewards points you earn on your flights will pay off tremendously when booking your dream vacation.


  • Get out as much as possible! When considering your business travel itinerary, plan something fun at least twice during your trip. A simple Google search will reveal fun attractions in nearly every city, so allot some time — anything from a delicious local speciality to a full bleisure travel day — just to enjoy yourself. If nothing else, a brief break from the work during your free time will provide much better memories than watching TV in your hotel room.


  • Run and jump … for wellness! Most fitness centers have gyms now: American Hotel and Lodging Association estimates that percentage at just over 85%. That means the treadmill and elliptical you’ve been putting off at home will anxiously await your stay at most hotels nationwide.  


  • Business travel doesn’t need to be lonely. If you’re feeling isolated on the road, connect! Give someone you love back home a quick phone call, and fill them in on the details of your day.

    Or, leave the comfort of your room and make an effort to connect with your co-workers. We’re giving you a few tips on the best ways to get along with everyone you work with. It really comes in handy during the inevitable long travel delay


  • SLEEP. We know that’s easier said than done when your mind is racing after late-night flights and strange cities, but we have faith in you.

    If possible, keep your schedule as close to your home sleep routine as possible. We also recommend activating the light-dimming feature on your cell phone during your typical down time: Though helpful during the day, science says those cool blue lights have detrimental effects on your sleep. If nothing else works, try some sleep-aid tea.


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