How To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year

Let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions! Fortunately, big developments in travel will enable us to turn many of our 2016 goals into realities in 2017. We’ll start with perhaps the most common resolution. Do you know what it is?

1) Getting fit!–These days, hotels are doing everything they can to help you stay in shape and manage weight AND travel stress. Need convincing? About 85 percent of hotels today offer fitness centers, a number that has nearly TRIPLED in the past few years. Most of these gyms stay open 24/7. We’ve run out of excuses!

2) Eating smarter–Several hotels offer healthier options now, like fruit, fresh omelettes, oatmeal, and healthier baked goods.

Another factoid to consider–many extended stay hotels that cater to business travelers provide kitchenettes. Cooking your own meals could spare you not only expenses but calories. Requesting a hotel with a mini-kitchen could greatly assist you with those healthier eating goals.

Wanna know how to accomplish kitchenette cooking? Click: HERE

3) Live a little! Even with all strict low-cal diets we’re starting for 2017, we have to remember to loosen up and enjoy life, too. If you’re one of those people who forgot to have a good time in 2016, this could be your year!

Many hotels are helping you balance work and play with happy hours. For example, Hyatt House and Embassy Suites properties both host evening receptions for socializing with food and wine.

You don’t have to miss your pets while you’re on the road! Here’s a handy resource to let you know which hotels welcome your furry friends: Pet-Friendly Hotels

4) Get smart!–Dr. Seuss said, “The more you read, the more you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Well, as a business traveler, you’re already going a lot of places, but are you learning when you’re there?

With free WiFi on the rise (it’s a perk at about 65% of hotels now!), we can dedicate to learning more from online resources this year. With all the free e-courses, language-learning guides, and blogs on the Web, let’s commit to making 2017 a more knowledgeable year.

Many urban locations offer cool museums and cultural centers. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new while traveling for business?

And if you’re an avid reader, Country Inns and Suites locations feature “Read It & Return” lending libraries. Speaking of hotel libraries, Check this out!

5) Focus–We often get so busy at work that we neglect to take care of what really matters, like our families or friends. Not enough time to take care of administrative tasks or cleaning? Let a professional help you get your free time back!

Check out Zirtual and Taskrabbit to get some of those neglected chores done.

Similarly, your business can suffer if you’re spending too much time worrying about details that your company doesn’t specialize in.

Outsourcing to expert travel managers at Creative Lodging Solutions takes the time and worry out of business travel. Let us handle your lodging needs and get back to focusing on the industry that makes you an expert.

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