Keeping up With Carlson Rezidor

We’re always glad to see our friends from Carlson coming back to visit us at CLS! This time, we got to talk to Ricki Vanduvall, Manager, Corporate Sales, Americas, about what Carlson Rezidor has been doing for the hotel world lately. She describes the main initiative over the past year: “We’ve been very aggressive about growing our footprint, which allows us to provide deeper savings to an increasingly large body of customers. We’ve had a great year, and we’re looking forward to further developments down the pipeline.”


One of those developments seems to be a recurring theme in the hotel industry: Sleek, modernized design. “We’re working with a new look that really brings the outdoors in. Think lots of slate, wood, and other natural elements. Our Country Inns and Suites properties have seen the biggest revamp: We’re pleased to announce that many have gotten a stunning upgrade. The old ivy designs and pastoral prints customers have looked at since the 80s are vanishing from the brand at lightning speed.” The brand predicts that by 2017, 30-40% of the Country Inns and Suites will be updated with new design features. If you happen to visit the Lexington area, check out the Country Inns and Suites in Hamburg for the perfect example of their trademark renovations.

Since we’re talking about modern design, Carlson will open the first Radisson Red in the United States at the end of the year! Previously exclusive to Europe, the Red brand strives for the ultimate Millennial experience: Grab and go lunches, “boutique” appeal, and local art abound. The unique hotel experience will land in Minneapolis in December of 2016. Take a sneak peek at the design below!




When considering hotel partnership, Vanduvall is reminded of a particular quote by Albert Einstein: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” However, Ricki noticed that the two qualities correlate when you’re working within the hotel partnership framework. “I find that when we can help a great travel manager like CLS, we help ourselves; we get the added bonus of success by focusing on being of service. By providing quality reservations that create trust by ensuring value, our numbers trend up, too. That’s why we love working with CLS and why we want to continue creating value in coming years!”

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