Want to learn more about CLC?

We hoped you would, so we’ve compiled a few fun resources.

2019 Travel Trends

New year, new shifts in how (and why!) people travel. Find out what trends in travel we anticipate for 2019.

Travel Policy Blueprint

Learn about the seven fundamental pillars that support a strong travel policy.

7 Deadly Pitfalls of Business Travel

We found the most important or interesting cultural shifts in travel. How many of these have you noticed this year?

4 Problems That Plague Travelers

Find out how to combat rising rates, credit card fraud, botched billing and more.

10 Travel Tricks

These quick tips are too easy to be true but frequently overlooked. Check ’em out for instantly improved business travel.

The Total Cost of Lodging White Paper

Have you considered ALL the expenses involved in travel management? Our white paper highlights even the hidden costs of your company’s travel projects.

Manage Your Lodging Projects

We’ll show your company how easy travel management can be with hotel rate savings, faster billing, and friendly service.

Inc. Small Business Panel

Discover how passion in business can set the stage for success.

Travel Management Made Easy

Travel management will become…well, manageable with a CLC partnership. Find out what we can do to make your lodging projects faster and easier today!