Looking for Great Guest Posts!

How would you like to try your hand at blogging on a high-traffic website? Do you want your name to be searchable so you can add relevant publication experience to your social networks and/or portfolio? Or maybe you’re a more seasoned blogger who craves more web exposure or wants to set up a guest blogging connection with CLS on a longer-term basis. By the way, if you’re in Column B, let us know so we can help you create blogs for your website, too!

No matter what your relationship to the content creation world, you have nothing to lose! You’ll be getting your name on our site for everyone in the internet audience to see while helping our marketing people generate fresh new materials. Take a look at some of the past blogs we’ve written to get a vague idea of what we’re searching for–the rest is up to you! We’d prefer substance to length, so you don’t need to write down a 1,000+ word essay.

So, what does matter? We want the piece to have something to do with travel. It can be creative, logical, informative, funny, whatever! While we value good work, your grammar doesn’t have to be 100% perfect–we’ll shape it up for you! We’ve experimented with guest blogging before, and each one of the posts got a large number of views. If you’re not interested but know someone who would be, help us spread the word!


Interested? Contact me at maggie.mccombs@yourcls.com if you have any questions. Thanks in advance!


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