Meet Tim, Our New Chief Technology Officer!

CLS is always on the lookout to expand our service capabilities for our growing client base, but we can’t accomplish our larger goals without enhanced technology. We needed a solutions expert to optimize our platform and services, helping us integrate more advanced technology into the CLS framework.

Tim Mullarkey, CTO, joins Creative Lodging after an executive career achieving business objectives through tech implementation. He previously worked for Optum Rx and Comcast, leading initiatives that built enhanced relationship management systems for customers. At CLS, Tim will focus on areas of opportunity – specifically, what will make lives easier for customers, hotel partners and employees so we can operate more efficiently. Basically, his job will be helping CLS work smarter, not harder.

Although he’s used to working with huge organizations, he looks forward to the new challenge of taking on a leadership role within a mid-size company. “This gives me the opportunity to participate in more meaningful projects on a daily basis,” he says.  Tim and his wife just bought a house in the Lexington area and look forward to beginning their new lives here.

Tim started working at CLS a short time ago, but he’s already felt incredibly welcomed by the employees here: “It goes beyond being nice: the people in this company reach out as though they were inviting you into their own homes. Since we all have to spend more time together here than we have with our families, you might as well enjoy your work environment.”

His advice to leaders and newly hatched career builders looks similar because both involve commitment. “When you’re starting out, find something you love to do enough that you can commit to it, whatever that is. Once you find it, take charge of your own career.” For leaders, he advises, “Don’t be afraid to make decisions. Know what direction you want to take, and take it. Too many people are afraid of making the wrong choice, but you never know what that is until you commit to a decision. A turtle only makes progress when it sticks its neck out.”

On a more personal note,  Tim has been to every state except for four, but seeing all 50 states tops his bucket list. He’s also the owner of  I.D.S. Brewing, an acronym for, pardon my language, “It Doesn’t Suck.” He says customers and friends consistently choose his chocolate stouts and lagers for their hearty, delicious taste.

For more information about our expert leadership team, check out this page.

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