Mother’s Day 2017 Forecast: You’re Going Places!

We’ve been discussing how people value experiences over material possessions pretty frequently these days because our culture is finally waking up to that reality. Your mom probably craves quality time with family, but let’s face it – it’s easier to ask for things than places. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a beautiful watch or necklace to celebrate her this coming Sunday, but consider looking beyond your standard shopping ideas and explore some affordable travel options.

Of course, what appeals to one mom might not faze another. (My mom wouldn’t enjoy a four-day shopping trip, for example, but she’d love something more outdoorsy.) We have a fun travel option for nearly every variety of mom out there. Let’s take a look at some options that she’ll keep with her long after Sunday’s bouquet has withered. We wrote a similar piece for traveling with Dad last year, so hop over to our previous blog to check it out. 


    • Spa destination – Even if we have the budget for it, many of us just can’t convince ourselves it’s worth the money (and time) to spend anything on self-care, largely because these experiences are not tangible items. That’s why spa packages, or anything involving free manicures, massages, or other spa treatments make the best gifts. If this sounds like a plan and you need some affordable spa options, take a look at this list.


    • Museum of her choice – Does your mom love modern art? A certain literary figure? Does she have an expertise in history, science, or architecture? Surprise her with an all-expenses-paid trip to the museum she’s always wanted to visit or the home of her favorite historical figure. She’ll never forget the experience. If you are running low on funds and want to catch a free day at the museum, don’t miss those six ideas.

      Alternative idea: the 21c Hotel is like a combination of art museum and hotel. For the perfect three-day weekend, take your mom to a town she’s always wanted to see and see if you can find a cool hotel there. Although they can run pricier than your standard accommodation, the hotel itself is a destination. Are you local? There’s even one in Lexington now!


    • Ghost hunting tour
      Okay, so maybe this one’s not for everyone, but if your mom would be into it, I’ve already caught your attention. If you live around us, the Haunted Heartland tours service Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Or you can see the Stanley Hotel Ghosts and History Tour if you’re seeking a scene straight out of The Shining. And let’s not forget the Salem Witch Walk!


    • Take a hike!
      -You can hit the Appalachian trail from seemingly limitless points, but Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness, with zero pavement in sight, is one of America’s favorites. You’ll get a view of lush forests, beautiful rivers, and the best of rustic Maine.
      -California dreaming? Explore the oceanside Lost Coast trail – but only if you’re feeling confident about your hiking skills. The full trail is 40 miles, but there are plenty places to stop and set up camp throughout.
      -Going to the Grand Canyon? Good choice! If you want to see beautiful views while avoiding most of the crowd, take a look at the North Rim Trail.
      -Say yes to Senora, Arizona, home of some of the most colorful hiking in the world. Red rocks, blue skies, and boundless canyon scenes abound in this tranquil paradise, home to many wellness retreats.


    • Shopaholics Anonymous
      If your mom lives for a weekend at the mall, go all out and find the biggest and best the retail world has to offer. For starters, the Mall of America in Minnesota and the San Marcos Prime Outlet Shopping Center in Texas are beloved for their access to great deals and store after store of luxury shopping locations. If you both prefer to support small businesses by shopping local, depend on your local farmers markets and antique stores for a more quirky brand of fun.


We’ve given you some quality ideas. Now it’s up to you to decide where to go! What are you planning for Mother’s Day on Sunday?

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