Our Valentine’s Day Gift to You

Have you ever tried to bargain with someone? Of course you have! But have you actually talked the other person into giving you what you wanted? CLS uses bargaining power to get lower rates and better hotel options–our Valentine’s Day gift to you.

“In order for negotiation to be successful, you need to have two sides that meet on a common ground and come to a win-win solution,” says Marriott market strategist, Maria Lowry. Because our company has strong partnerships with several major hotel brands, our negotiators know exactly how to speak a hotel’s language. We hand-picked the best negotiators to combine CLS friendliness and killer bargaining strategy to lead our new team. We’re happy to announce that we’ve expanded the team focused solely on negotiation to ensure that you’re getting the rates you deserve.

CLS knows hotel trends. Due to an all-time high demand for hotel rooms and consequent ~9.8% rate increase, CLS saw that we had to take charge in order to snag lower rates. Our enhanced negotiation team, a $750k investment, focuses on deflating those rates for our clients.

We already know this project will be a huge success! Here’s why: Early tests on CLS’ negotiation program proved very effective last quarter, with enormous savings reaching tens of thousands of dollars on individual client travel projects. While CLS focuses on lowering rates as the main goal of the initiative, the team also prioritizes investigation of additional hotel brand options to ensure client’s travel projects stay within budget.

Creative Lodging Solutions’ CEO Michael Tetterton says this about the negotiation team: “CLS is happy to bolster our negotiation team. Boosting this department’s bandwidth and skillset to fully utilize the company’s bargaining power demonstrates our commitment to making sure CLS clients benefit from reduced rates. Creative Lodging Solutions is always up to a challenge. Adding negotiation experts to combat the higher rates proves to our clients that we’ve researched industry trends and responded with a positive answer.”

Just in case you weren’t listening, that was tens of thousands per travel project. We look forward to seeing more numbers like this on our reports and on your Stat Pack. For more information about CLS savings, be sure to check out our brand new white paper. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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