Q & A with Our New Chief Operating Officer

I had a few moments to catch up with Shelley Predmore, CLS™’ new Chief Operating Officer. Shelley already held an executive leadership position as Chief Information Officer at CLS before adding Operations management responsibilities as COO. She now leads the teams in charge of account management, customer service, and hotel network management in addition to software development and technical operations in IT. Read more to find out what she has to say about her new position!

1. What are you most excited about in your role as COO?

I’m thrilled to share my leadership experience to further strengthen CLS Operations. The most fulfilling part of leadership is developing relationships–whether those relationships are interoffice or among clients. Being part of Operations offers me the opportunity to work with every team member to develop/implement process improvement to consistently deliver our core competencies day after day!

2. When we have the right leaders, teams, and attitudes, CLS sees challenges as opportunities. On that note, what did you see as Op’s biggest challenge going into this position? What changes are you prioritizing as the new COO of Creative Lodging Solutions™?

Although negotiating rates is our key focus, in order to please clients we have to expand our mindset beyond just lower rates. We must instill a high level of belief within Operations regarding the value CLS provides to our clients. As long as we’re doing our jobs well: consulting, paying attention to details, negotiating and building an effective hotel network, we’ll succeed as an effective team. Understanding that evolution and correctly communicating the message to Operations is paramount in building trust within our client base. Client relationships based on trust and extreme client service creates the level of satisfaction to retain customers and build Creative Lodging Solutions™’ strength within the industry.

Much of the Ops staff is working long hours every day, so we’re currently finding ways to implement automation, balancing smooth technical processes with human interaction. We can’t totally automate a process, nor can we use a system to physically manage our staff or “fix” a lack of experience! We can use systems to complement skills and provide data from which management can monitor efficiency, effectiveness, and employee satisfaction. Operations teams have drive, and they all want to do an excellent job. My goal as COO is to help make that easier for them.

3. When you think about your team, what advice would you feel most compelled to give them?

We need to always remember the tremendous value that CLS brings to our clients. In order to accomplish this, each staff member must see the value in themselves and feel comfortable enough to integrate their personality into daily communications. First and foremost, I want my team to be true to themselves and comfortable enough to speak up and ask for help; I believe that’s the key to improving relationships both within and outside CLS.

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