Quick and Dirty April Fools’ Day Pranks for the Office — Part 3

More office pranks, you say? Readers can’t get enough of these goofy antics, so we couldn’t stand to deny them a few cheap laughs. 

Brace yourself for a bit of bad news, though: April 1st falls on a Saturday this year. (Whomp whomp!) For those of you who travel for work or have a weekend shift, you can still participate the same way as you did in previous years. For the 9-t0-5ers, prepare for some scowls at work when they find out you’re trying to extend the rowdy holiday that many people would happily skip. Take your pick: You can surprise your co-workers on either March 31st or April 3rd, depending how much time you need to get your prank together.

Here we go!

Greased lightning — Flu season is still wreaking havoc in offices all over the country, so it’s no shock that many of us are sporting containers of antibacterial hand gel. Dump out their cucumber-melon-scented alcohol concoction, and refill with petroleum jelly. Everyone’s hands have dried out too much after this rough winter, yes?

Sundae Monday — This works especially well if you’re a leader who uses food to motivate your employees or if you usually bring in office treats. Fill sundae glasses with mashed potatoes and gravy, and serve up a savory surprise.

Desk disaster — Press Ctrl+Print screen on their workstation, then paste it into Paint, save the picture, and set it as the desktop background. Move all their desktop icons to a special folder. Watch their terrified looks when they get back to their desk and won’t be able to click on anything!

Leaves of grass — If you’re looking for the perfect way to take advantage of the April Fools’ weekend, this is it. So, here’s the situation: Your co-worker has the audacity to leave the office at 3:30 on Friday, so what do you do?

Find an old keyboard that looks a lot like the one they use for work. Grab some small bundles of grass and dirt from a nursery or the ground outside, and plant it prettily in between the keys of the keyboard.

Pitcher perfect — We keep involving donuts because people go nuts over them and fall prey to most pranks involving them. So here’s another one, but this time the donuts serve as a prop for the real prank… the “orange juice.”

Fill up a pitcher with water, and add the macaroni and cheese packet. Stir until the liquid looks identical to OJ (Our friends at Buzzfeed claim it’s the exact same color!). Maybe you can serve alongside those killer sundaes suggested above?

Playful spray — Punch tiny holes into the disposable cups by the water cooler. That should put a quick end to needless office gossip.

Piction-scary! — Do you happen to know your coworker well enough to understand their greatest fears or most frightening horror movie figure? Print out a large picture of their least favorite whatever, and slide it into their desk drawer when they go to the bathroom. Ask them for their stapler later.

Unsettling seat — Place a small piece of pasta underneath the toilet seat. When someone sits down, they’ll hear a loud crunch sound and think they broke it! If multiple people share the bathroom during the debacle, this prank gets so much better.

False alarm — Don’t do anything! But leave hints that you will. The anticipation will make them tiptoe around the office all day, dreading your next move.



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