Relaxing With Red Roof Inn

We enjoyed getting a few minutes to chat with Carrie Evans and Lynn Harris of Red Roof Inns this week. Red Roof Inn is a leading hotel brand in the upper economy segment that boasts an approximate distribution of nearly 500 properties nationwide. Founded in 1973, the brand has maintained a strong presence in the industry for several years and enjoyed steady growth ever since its inception.

“We continue to add new and exciting properties to our list,” says Carrie Evans, “We have about 1 new opening every week.”

Lynn says their success secret is pretty simple: “We keep the focus on what matters to clients: Great beds, fast and free WiFi, and awesome TVs.”

Red Roof Inns also introduced a much simpler approach to billing, wherein just one or two clicks zips an invoice straight to the travel management company. Red Roof rolled out its Redi Bill system last year with the promise of the most efficient system possible — all invoicing tasks are performed at one central location in Columbus, OH, creating one of the most streamlined billing operations in the business. Carrie and Lynn agree that fast, easy billing, without question, ranks as the brand’s crowning achievement in recent years.

Red Roof touts its recent brand addition, Red Roof Plus. What does a RR+ feature that the staple brand doesn’t? Basically, the room is larger, the landscaping is more ornate, and the lobbies have a fancier look and feel. When you look more closely, you’ll notice modern flooring, spa-inspired bathrooms, brand new interiors, bigger TVs, and extra convenience outlets. Pet lovers rejoice: You can bring your pet to any Red Roof or Red Roof Plus location!

Across market segments and locations, most of the brand has been renovated in the last few years. “Overall, we have one brand with one focus; that’s what makes us a strong player in the hotel world. We never lose sight of that,” Lynn adds.

Another secret weapon? “Definitely our partnership with Creative Lodging Solutions,” Carrie says. “We’ve been working with CLS since [your] company began, and we’ve watched each other grow through our partnership. We work well together because we’re both 100% dedicated to providing the best guest experience, or as our slogan says, ‘Adding more WOW to your stay!’”

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