Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day 2015

Just like we did last year, we like to give you prep time for upcoming holidays. Do you have your Thanksgiving plans in order yet? If you’re on the road this year, you might not be able to keep up traditions like a big feast at home; but you can do the next best thing and order from one of your favorite restaurants. Think on the bright side: No one will ask you those intrusive career or relationship questions, pinch your cheeks and say you’ve grown, or keep begging you to eat that one food you secretly hate. So if you’re tired of turning down Aunt So-And-So’s famous turnips, keep reading for the restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day!

  • Boston Market–The classic meat + sides restaurant will be open for all your catering needs.
  • Cracker Barrel–Are you used to Thanksgiving served Southern style? Cracker Barrel will be preparing all its normal fare plus Turkey Day specials.
  • Denny’s–You can count on this place for when you’re REALLY hungry after a round of drinks. Why would they let you down on one of the most important food holidays of the year?
  • Golden Corral–Hate being limited by restaurant portion sizes on the best excuse ever to take a cheat day (aka Thanksgiving)? Loosen your belt and head to one of America’s favorite buffet joints.
  • Hooters–Because…the wings.
  • IHOP–Why not stage an impromptu pancake eating competition with your coworkers this holiday? Even if you’re not feeling that festive, this breakfast favorite will give you the morning comfort food you deserve.
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy–Sometimes spaghetti and meatballs just sounds better than mashed potatoes.
  • Marie Callender’s–Famous for its rich pies and comfort foods, what better way to feel at home than to visit a Marie Callender’s for Thanksgiving? They serve a 4-6 person feast for under $100.
  • Ruby Tuesday–They promise to be open on T-Day but won’t have traditional Thanksgiving foods on the menu. Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday? Hey, gravied meats and casseroles aren’t for everybody.
  • Ruth Chris–Why have dry white meat when you could eat one of the nation’s most reputable steaks?
  • Waffle House–Those sweet cream waffles are almost unbeatable! This no-frills diners is everywhere and guarantees a great meal and easygoing dining atmosphere. Besides, getting all dressed up for the holidays is overrated, right?
  • Whataburger–Speaking of casual dining, most Whataburgers stay open for Thanksgiving. These places pop up on a lot of exit signs in Texas, a state that has become familiar ground for many of our oil/gas industry travelers.
  • Looking for more local cuisine in lieu of chains? Check OpenTable for Thanksgiving 2015 openings.

Traveling far from home doesn’t mean that you can’t have a tasty restaurant meal on Thanksgiving Day. No matter where you are, we hope you plan for safe travels and a full stomach this year! 

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