Stay Safe When Traveling Using These 5 Apps

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Whether you’re traveling for business or taking a much-needed vacation, planning ahead helps you get the most out of every trip. One of the benefits of living in the 21st century is that you can choose from a number of safety apps that can help improve your traveling experience.

There are apps that make your packing process more efficient, help you plan your trip better, save money or provide assistance communicating with people in different languages. Sure, such apps are handy, but won’t keep you safe while you’re visiting a foreign place.

Fortunately, there are many different travel apps on the market that do just that. Here are some of the best apps that can help you stay safe while traveling.



Unfortunately, in today’s world, traveling to some parts of the world is just not safe. Before you leave for an unknown location, you should find out how safe the area is and if there are any threats you should be aware of. GeoSure is an excellent app that can help you easily find out all the necessary information.

This security app is a location-sensitive technology that uses analytics to assess the safety of all the travel zones in the world. Its analytical engine pulls data from hundreds of trusted sources, including the United Nations, State Department, CDC, WHO, Interpol, and authorities at the local level.

You can use this app to find out about the safety of a particular area or to share unsafe events to alert others about potential issues. GeoSure bases safety scores on a range of factors, including the area’s environmental threats, health concerns, and political issues.



Every traveler knows that getting around an unfamiliar city can sometimes be tough. If you get lost and end up in an area that is not safe for tourists, you could find yourself in danger. This is why it is extremely important that you always know how to get to your destination safely.

Citymapper is a useful tool that can come handy in such a situation. The app combines detailed maps with an easy-to-use interface. It’s currently available for use in 39 cities around the world, which are listed on the app’s website.

With Citymapper, you can plug in your destination and figure out a route using all the available travel methods, including walking, public transportation, rideshares, and other transportation options. The app provides step-by-step instructions, even notifying you when your bus stop is coming up. If there are any delays, Citymapper updates you and provides alternative routes.



There’s a reason your computer warns you every time you connect to a public network. Cyber criminals often prowl public Wi-Fi networks in populated areas, such as airports, hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops, as these networks can leave your devices vulnerable. In some cases, cyber criminals even set up fake Wi-Fi networks to steal information from unsuspecting users.

While you use a public network, an online hacker could watch your activity. They may also be able to track your keystrokes to obtain your passwords. A simple way of preventing this from happening is by using a virtual private network (VPN).

TunnelBear is an app that enables you to do so. It encrypts the information you send, allowing you to browse the internet safely. By using TunnelBear you can ensure that no one gets hold of your IP address, your location or any sensitive data you send or receive.



Even if you’re travelling to a safe part of the world, there’s always a possibility of something bad happening. In case you find yourself in need of assistance, EmergenSee can provide you with help.

EmergenSee is a discreet app that turns your smartphone into a free personal security system. You can set up safety contacts, and in an emergency, one tap can send those contacts your starting GPS location on a Google map, along with breadcrumbs to track any movements you make. You’re also able to send your safety contacts a live video and audio taken by your phone’s camera.

If you want to use EmergenSee without someone noticing, the app also has a stealth mode that darkens your screen. Planning on being out for a certain amount of time? Set the timer and if it reaches zero, EmergenSee will automatically start transmitting.


First Aid – American Red Cross

This First Aid app that’s made by the American Red Cross is packed with all kinds of useful information and expert advice to handle emergencies. The red-and-white scrolling design is very easy to figure out.

Whether you’re dealing with a cut, a heart attack, meningitis, an active volcano, or some other emergency, this app can provide step-by-step instructions for handling the situation. There aren’t any ads on this app, and the best part is that all the content is preloaded, which means you can access it even if you don’t have Wi-Fi or data service.

To get the information you need, simply tap on your specific emergency. If you need assistance, the app is also fully integrated with 911, so you can get connected with a single tap.


Final Thoughts

Anytime you travel, you want to enjoy yourself, but you also need to take safety into consideration. These five apps each protect you in different ways, making them valuable additions to your smartphone. With their help, you can research areas, get around more easily and keep yourself and your information safe.


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