The 20 Savings Tips You’ve Never Tried

The experts at CLS save our clients millions of dollars annually because of our industry know-how, negotiation skills, and strong hotel partnerships. Since we’re the savings experts, we know a good tip when we see one. Here are a few to keep travel costs low.

  1. Start a trip savings account. If you can save just $2 per day, you’ll have about $730 at the end of the year for your next trip.
  2. Visit “Jump Off” cities. It’s a “two for one” vacation. Think DC and Baltimore. Dallas and Fort Worth. San Diego and Tijuana.
  3. Talk it up with the taxi driver. They’ll be much less likely to overcharge you.
  4. Make lunch your main meal. It not only saves you money but also gives you a chance to connect with locals. Most countries outside of the US prioritize the midday meal.
  5. Plan to eat a large meal before going to attractions like amusement parks. These places seriously hike up food/drink prices.
  6. Become a fan of hotels on Facebook to score the best deals. You could get up to 20% off your room night.
  7. Use apps like FuelFrog to log your car’s mileage between fill ups.
  8. will tell you where the nearest and cheapest gas stations are.
  9. Follow the social media streams of your chosen airlines to catch savings.
  10. Book your flights on Tuesday if you’re planning a weekend trip. Airlines will unleash some thriftier weekend flights if their planes haven’t been booked solid.
  11. Take advantage of all the free stuff you can find. Look up free museum days. Grab some maps. Sign up for Skype for free phone calls to anyone, anywhere.
  12. If you need a passport, snap a pic with your digital camera and upload to You can redo/edit the picture as much as you want, and it will save you about $20.
  13. Put hotel freebies to work–bar soap to remove static, shower caps to cover shoes or purses, body wash to hand wash clothing, conditioner to use as shaving cream.
  14. Weigh your luggage before you get to the airport. Remove any unnecessary items.Try to keep it to one bag/person.
  15. Check out airports before heading to the first one you think of. Alternative airports usually offer lower prices.
  16. Try an indirect route with a stop-over. An indirect flight is more time consuming but much more cost effective.
  17. Renting a car? Think compact.
  18. Go your own way. The most expensive tourist locales are the most traveled (Paris, anyone?). Keep that in mind when planning your next trip.
  19. Find happy hour specials. Better yet: Get reservations at a hotel that serves an evening drink reception instead of hitting the town.
  20. Buy some groceries. It may not feel as glamorous as a hotel service breakfast, but grabbing a loaf of bread and a few other staples will save you some serious cash–so you can splurge on dinner or local attractions.

-For more awesome CLS savings tips, see 10 Tricks That Make Your Travel A Treat.

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