The 4 Horrific Costs That Business Travelers Ignore

You’re already on the road or in the air when you realize your travel plans are splitting at the seams. You woke up early this morning, rushed to book eight double rooms for your huge work group, skipped breakfast, and boarded the plane. You’re spending so much time planning your lodging that sometimes you don’t even recognize the small costs that slowly drain your company’s checkbook. We’re going to let you in on all the elusive ways you lose money when you don’t have a helpful travel manager.


  1. Lack of supportive staff– Professional phone support is essential, but when you’re your own travel manager, you won’t find  that kind of 24/7 assistance. I’ve heard multiple stories from business travelers who booked rooms and traveled hundreds (even thousands) of miles to these rooms, only to find they only had one bed, no nearby restaurants or alternative hotels, and large groups of hungry, tired travelers. Not to mention, they paid way too much money to get there. By contrast, we have a fully staffed team of customer care specialists, account managers, and negotiation wizards dedicated to building a relationship with the client, tailoring their future reservations to their specific needs, and keeping their rates even lower than the best online prices.


  1. Botched billing–Over a quarter of hotel invoices are wrong, and it’s the responsibility of the travel manager to send correct bills back to the client. “In this awful economy, hotels are far more reluctant to fix the mistake unless they can find the guilty party,” says USA Today writer, Christopher Elliot. And Henry Harteveldt, a travel analyst at Forrester Research, says:”Where hotels generally used to remove an erroneous charge without question, now they are more careful.” No business can afford to stay in a hotel that stashes large portions of travelers’ money! If you aren’t able to catch all billing errors, you’ll need a travel manager standing by to make sure your bills are coded, consolidated, and 100% accurate.


  1. Labor costs to minimize error–We have billing specialists working 40+ hours per week fixing the incorrect invoices that we mentioned above, so we know this stuff costs money. If you’re managing your travel process, you’ll be losing money not only by incorrect invoice charges but by cutting checks to the people fixing these errors. When it rains, it pours. And you can’t really ignore billing because it takes about $25 to process a single bill, according to Beanworks Accounting.


  1. Get something back–Taxes can be a pain, as everyone can attest to around early-mid April. But we love to get those refund checks. But did you know you could be getting tax reimbursements just for sleeping in a hotel room? This is because you’re considered a citizen, for all practical purposes, in a state that houses you for a certain extended period. Problem is, different states (or even perishes) have different ideas about what that time period looks like. For example, while many require as little as 30 days, other states require that you stay up to a year. Unfortunately, a few states don’t offer tax reimbursement at all. Some hotels give back money for all nights stayed while others only reimburse for nights beyond the taxable night umbrella. For example, a hotel that offers tax benefits for stays of 30+ nights might start counting eligibility from your first day, while others will start counting from your 31st day. Phew! Doesn’t it make sense to get a travel manager to help you sort through that mess?


These hidden lodging costs, missed opportunities, and overlooked errors will eventually wreak havoc on your travel program. Take control now and let a travel manager like Creative Lodging Solutions make your travel management easy, fast, and friendly.


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