The 7 Deadly Pitfalls of Business Travel

Your travel is in big trouble, and you don’t even realize it yet. While time expenditures prove the most pressing issue for business travelers, there are many more problems that you or your travel manager are probably overlooking. For example, you may be a little too focused on rewards points or amenities without knowing exactly what your company is looking for as far as travel policies are concerned. How does your company get what it wants if it hasn’t clearly defined what that is? End rant: we’ll get to that later.

Some of your travel disasters are less obvious. How about what happens behind the scenes in your billing department? When you know how many invoices the hotels get wrong, you’ll most likely consider letting a business travel management company take care of your future lodging. Find out what you’re neglecting, missing out on, or just plain getting wrong when it comes to traveling for work. Make sure to pass this along to your company’s travel manager ASAP!

Besides, our infographic might even have an interesting vintage theme that could bring back a few fuzzy memories. (The word “pitfalls’” should be a hint.) Even if you don’t get it, you’ll learn a lot more about the seven deadly travel mistakes most companies still make. Here’s a sneak peek of the worst corporate travel pitfalls –1. Not enough time; 2. Rewards points; 3. Inaccurate invoicing; 4. Tax reimbursement; 5. Rental cars; 6. Location/amenities; 7. Unclear travel policies. Find out how many of these costly mistakes your company is currently making and how to correct them. Don’t let your travel program drop into these pitfalls. Here’s how we suggest you jump over them! (In case you were wondering, there’s another hint about the zany theme we created.)


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