The Best Apps for Bleisure Travelers

Finding the best stuff to do is paramount to enjoying your few moments or days away for bleisure travel. You want to feel more comfortable wherever you land, and there’s nothing like food, tourism, and transportation hacks to get you from feeling antsy about your space to totally at home.  Phrases like “landing with both feet on the ground” or “hitting the ground running” might start making sense for app-savvy bleisure travelers.

Foodie Fest: We should start with food. We’ve touched on the food topic before when we blogged about restaurant and drink apps that make your long-term travel more comfortable. According to Skift, food tourism has increased dramatically in popularity and only continues to grow in coming years. You might as well have some good food during business travel! You have to eat three or so times a day, so as many app suggestions as possible couldn’t hurt. We rounded up a few more we might have missed last time.

  • No Wait–Ahhhh…the waiting game — Don’t settle for it! Use No Wait when you’re stuck outside with one of those buzzers in your hand at an Italian restaurant or steak place and need to consider your options.
  • Roaming Hunger— Last year, the mobile food industry earned a tremendous 1.2 BILLION dollars, and the trend continues this year in big cities, festivals, and street fairs. If you prefer a food truck to a restaurant scene, this unique app will help you find them.
  • Meal Sharing–Brave enough to knock on a stranger’s door and eat at their table? Give Meal Sharing a try if you’re not rushing from conference to conference while you’re away.
  • Bitehunter–In need of great food that won’t cost a fortune? Sometimes you’re not looking for a 5-star restaurant: You just want a quick bite to eat. Bitehunter’s map platform pops up the best deals of the day. According to Real Simple, you’ll save an average of 50% on a meal — Score!

Getting around: There’s nothing quite as scary as landing in a totally new city and not knowing where to go first. Similarly, it’s frustrating to have a little spare time and no clue of the best place to spend it.

  • Uber–Where would most of us be without Uber? The service leads the way in self-driving cars’ role in ridesharing. If it’s your first time with the app, just take a few minutes to learn how to use it before you need to head out.
  • Time Out–Have a moment? This app helps you fill the empty spaces in your schedule with fun things to do. Plus, it syncs to your location to give you real-time advice as you’re walking around the new city.
  • Gate Guru–Made for airports, this helpful app points you toward all the amenities your airport has to offer. It’s equally relevant for people who are in a huge hurry as for those with long layovers who want to enjoy a decent meal.
  • FlightTrack–When your terminal happens to be on the opposite side of the airport, and your flight leaves in five minutes, wouldn’t you want to find out that it met an unexpected delay? (If you’ve been sitting in those uncomfortable chairs for hours, you won’t jump for joy about the news.) Either way, knowledge is power, and FlightTrack gives you a realistic view of your travel time.
  • Where to?–Ummm, good question! This app has gotten rave reviews from directionless business travelers looking for the local restaurants, grocery stores, and wherever else helps them feel grounded in a new city.
  • Pokemon Go Don’t laugh too hard. Travel and business insiders play up the tourism qualities of the geocaching app. After all, it gets travelers out there, walking around and seeking new adventures. Don’t underestimate the power of the viral trend, Pokemon Go.

Making adjustments: There are times you need some extra help when traveling, like when you don’t speak the primary language spoken there. With a willingness to learn and the help of a few apps, you should feel totally prepared to start a conversation!

  • Duolingo–If you’re traveling abroad, you might want to brush up on some vital foreign language skills.
  • Google Translate–Can’t quite remember what you learned in your high school Spanish class? Same here. With Google Translate, you can just snap a picture of a sign, and the app translates it within seconds.


Still need guidance? Find out how you can make any business trip at least a little more leisurely.


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